The Songwroter Motherlode

Here’s a fairly comprehensive list of links to songs I’ve done (written by me unless otherwise indicated–a few are just songs I participated in).

The writing and performing quality ranges from not entirely bad, to completely godawful and please make it stop.

Some of the better songs are in boldface. I was never much of a performer, so most of these are all about the writing, and getting the writing in a tangible form before it slipped my mind; many are merely sketch demos for songs that were never developed further. Cheaper than therapy was my motto.

Suggested palate cleanser afterward: “Cry If You Want,” by The Who.

The primary collaborator, when there were collaborators, was Lisa Sears. I’ll try to flesh out descriptions over time to give credit to additional contributors where necessary. Additional personnel included Terry Roland, Neil Kaposy, C. Alan Davis, Alan W. Davis, Andy K., and Paul Kaposy.

Most of these songs and song sketches were recorded on an Aardvark 24/96 Direct Pro sound card. Most of the rest were recorded on an AKAI analog board (the one with proprietary tape formats that look like VCR cartridges). Most were recorded between 1999 and 2005, give or take.

This page will be updated.

Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.

All songs are the property of Michael Patrick Tracy except where otherwise indicated.


A Little Like George Jones (co-written by T. Roland)

A Voice So Bright

Alcohol Prison Blues

All I Ever Hear

All I Want Is You

Back In Your Heart


Bush’s Fault (lyrics primarily by @deadvoter)

Cant Complain


Consider the Alternative

Conversational Landmines

Desert Lope

Did What I Could Do

Didn’t Have You


Dogtown Live

Don’t Want To Think About You At All



Empty Words

Empty Words II

Falling Down

Fiddlin’ While Rome Burns

Fix Me

Fix Me II

Fly Away

Get Drunk and Yodel


Hard Times (S. Foster)

Harder To Say Goodbye

Hasten Thee Behind Me

Heart Of Darkness

Heart Of Darkness Live

Hell No I’m Not Bitter

Here’s Your Hat

Hey, You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (J. Lennon)

High and Lonesome

How Do I Get Through Today

I Can’t Help Us

I Don’t Dream Of You

I Don’t Know What You Mean By Love

I Don’t Like Things Up My Butt

I Don’t Like Things Up My Butt Old LoFi Version

I Forgot To Keep Missing You

I Needed You

I Try Not To Miss You Too Bad

I Wanna Get Drunk

I Wouldn’t Be Here If It Wasn’t For You (T. Roland)

If I Was a Celebrity

It Ain’t About You

Ive Fallen and I Cant Get Up

Jesus Please Help Me Forgive My Ex-Wife


Kentucky Is Killing Me

Kentucky Straight Heartache

Kill Me Now

Let Her Love Me Once Again

Let’s Discuss It Tonight

Let’s Not and Say We Didn’t

Life’s a Bitch and So Are You


Little Things

Louder Than Words

Lovesick Fool

Manage Your Expectations


Move On

My Smile May Be Returning

My Soon-To-Be-Ex Longs For Texas

Nana Brown

Never Coming Back

No Matter How Much I Miss You

Not Gonna Drink Over You

Nothing Stays the Same (a Wally Rivas song, I’m on bass)

One Teardrop At a Time

Pigs Don’t Usually Fly

Please Dont Worry

Poor Me Blues

Recovery Road

Return of the Grievous Angel (G. Parsons)

Runaway Train

Santa Fe Skies (spoken word by T. Roland)

Santa Please Bring Me a Divorce For Xmas

Saved – Since She Left

Saturn’s Rings (For Justine Kaposy) (by T. Roland and P. Kaposy, I’m on bass)

So Damn Blue

Steve Goodman Variations – Call Me

Stupitopia: Introduction (Andy K.), Main Theme

Take Back This Pain

Talking To the Wind

Tennessee Angel

That Little Voice

That’s Why I Love LA

The Better I Feel

The Undertow of Love

These Things Shouldn’t Happen

Things We Would Rather Not Know

Three o Clock

Til Something Better Comes Along

Trying To Forget You Is Just a Big Waste of Time

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Walk With Me

Way Beyond Blue

Way Beyond Blue demo version

What Did You Learn

What the F*** Chuck (title inspiration by Neil Kaposy)

Whatever It Is It Ain’t Country

Whirlwind (a Wally Rivas song, I’m on bass)

Words – Queen of the Blues

Wyle E Coyote Blues

see also: reverbnation site

see also: Midnight Rounders

Bird Metaphors

Back in 2003, I wrote a song called “Little Things” that began:

treehouse-template2Sitting outside on the stairs
In the morning shade,
Wishing you were with me
Remembering mistakes we made.
Sitting there thinking,
Gazing up at the sky,
Through my field of vision
Two birds flew by
In close formation,
And I felt a little twinge inside.

I don’t recall what kind of birds they were. Nothing particularly remarkable about them. Just…birds.

This morning a solo pelican flew by, which was odd–not just because pelicans are ungainly, comical looking creatures, particularly in flight, but also because Monrovia is more than thirty miles from the ocean. You’re a long way from home, buddy.

It fits.

My Music

I did a ConservativeLA Radio show for my birthday. All about stuff I’ve participated in “creatively” in some manner. I did. #TrueStory. Hijinks ensued.

Here’s the audio.

Here’s the set list post at the time:

CLA Radio 01/03/14: Birthday Selfie Show

The next ConservativeLA Radio show (on Duane FM in the Hughniverse, Friday, 01/03, 7:00 Pacific/10:00 Eastern) will be roughly 2/3 music that I’ve been involved with (most of which I wrote),  with the other 1/3 or so consisting of musical mash-ups.

Hope you can stop by and listen, and join us in chat!

Spoiler set list:

MPT: Stupitopia Intro (Andy Kubicki)
Midnight Rounders: A Little Like George Jones
Blue Lark Music: Way Beyond Blue
Marx Brothers: Duck Soup
MPT: Ballad of Hugh Hewitt
MPT: Mando Dog
MPT: If I Was A Celebrity
The Big Lebowski: Jeffrey Lebowski Has A Question
MPT: This Song’s Not About You
CLA Radio Presents: Let’s Get It On (Maxine Waters)
MPT: Life’s A Beyotch And So Are You
CLA Radio Jingle: Dennis Prager
CLA Radio Presents: Ask A Jew Promo
Midnight Rounders: A Voice So Bright
Blue Lark Music: Hard Times (Stephen Foster)
MPT: The Undertow Of Love
CLA Radio Jingle: Mary Katherine Ham
CLA Radio Presents: Schizophrenia (Chris Matthews)
Midnight Rounders: Desert Lope
MPT: Get Drunk And Yodel
Blue Lark Music: Return Of The Grievous Angel (Gram Parsons)
CLA Radio Presents: Chris Matthews Is Crazy
MPT: Hey You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (Beatles)
CLA Radio Jingle: Dennis Prager Needs To Call Someone
MPT: Three OClock
CLA Radio Presents: Hugo Chavez In Hell
MPT: Hell No I’m Not Bitter
Midnight Rounders: High And Lonesome
CLA Radio Presents: Kathleen Sebelius Free Jazz
CLA Radio Jingle: James Lileks
Blue Lark Music: Please Don’t Worry
MPT: Little Things
MPT: Nana Brown
MPT: Your Underwear Needs Changing
CLA Radio Presents: Shaft (Joe Biden)
MPT: Bush’s Fault
MPT: Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
CLA Radio Presents: Papesterian Rap (Hugh Hewitt)
Blue Lark Music: Heart Of Darkness
Friends Of Justine Kaposy: Saturn’s Rings
MPT: What Did You Learn
CLA Radio Presents: Step Right Up (ACA Mix)
Midnight Rounders: Did What I Could Do
Midnight Rounders: The Better I Feel
Blue Lark Music: Tennessee Angel
CLA Radio Jingle: Larry O’Connor
MPT: Lovesick Fool
Midnight Rounders: Dogtown
MPT: Never Coming Back
CLA Radio Presents: Hooray For Hollywood
MPT: These Things Shouldn’t Happen
Midnight Rounders: Santa Fe Skies
MPT: Falling Down
CLA Radio Presents: Fatwa This (Hugh Hewitt)
MPT: ‘Til Something Better Comes Along
MPT: Back In Your Heart
CLA Radio Presents: Debbie Don’t Lose That Number
MPT: What The Chuck
CLA Radio Jingle: Hugh Hewitt
MPT: Fiddlin’ While Rome Burns
MPT: Wyle E Coyote Blues
CLA Radio Presents: Dueling Scandals
MPT: When Scandals Collide
Midnight Rounders: Runaway Train
Blue Lark Music: Move On