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In case you’re wondering, CLAR is ConservativeLA Radio.

Click on the title for MP3 audio. A few have YouTube versions, as well.

The Trump Message: Death, Destruction and Weakness
Excerpts from RNC acceptance speech.
(Music bed: “The Message,” from Karaoke Rap Classics.)
created 7/22/16, added 7/24/16

CLAR Intro: Loopzilla/Dog Talk, feat. the Clintons and Tarzana Joe
(Music bed: “Loopzilla,” George Clinton.)
created 2/17/16, added 3/26/16

Atomic Dog Hillary
(Music bed: “Atomic Dog,” George Clinton.)
created 2/16/16, added 3/26/16

Hillary Antrax In Iowa
(Music bed: “Anthrax,” Gang Of Four.)
created 2/6/16, added 3/26/16

Donald Trump’s Little Ride (unedited)
It speaks for itself. Or should.
created 1/27/16, added 3/26/16

The Donalds: Donald Duck & Donald Trump
created 2/1/16, added 3/26/16

Donald Trump: Step Right Up
(Music bed: “Step Right Up,” Tom Waits.)
created 1/26/16, added 3/26/16

Firesign Theatre: What Makes America Great (unedited)
Included here only because it is so awesome.
created 1/29/16, added 3/26/16

The Onion: “I Am Fun”: Hillary Clinton
(Text from The Onion: “I Am Fun,” by Hillary Clinton.)
(Text-to-voice app: Oddcast.)
created 10/27/15, added 10/27/15

Melissa Harris-Perry: Hard Work
(Music bed: “Workin’ Day and Night,” Michael Jackson.)
created 10/26/15, added 10/27/15)

Hillary Clinton with Sesame Street: Get Along
(Music bed “Get Along,” Sesame Street.)
(Hillary audio from Democratic debate 10/13/15, and Benghazi hearing 10/22/15.)
created 10/23/15, added 10/23/15

Robots For Hillary PAC Ads:
Ad #1
Ad #2
Ad #3
Ad #4
(Music bed, ads 1 thru 3: “The New World 1986,” Robert Fripp.)
(Music bed, ad 4: “Robot-Music.”)
(Hillary audio for ads 2 thru 4 from June 13, 2015 roll-out speech at Roosevelt Island.)
created 10/15/15, added 10/18/15

CLA Radio edit of scene from M*A*S*H*
Additional voice is Donald Rumsfeld from CLAR promo circa 2013.
created 10/15/15, added 10/18/15

Bill and Hillary Humpty Dance
Update of 2014 Hillary Does The Humpty Dance (I Said No)
(Music bed: “The Humpty Dance,” from Karaoke Rap Classics.)
created 9/28/15, added 9/29/15

Trump/Sheen: Winning
(Music bed: “Wild Thing,” from Karaoke Rap Classics.)
created 9/10/15, added 9/13/15

Welcome to the Little Cracker Dome
(Music bed: “Welcome To The Terrordome (Terrormental)” by Public Enemy.)
created 9/1/15, added 9/13/15

Welcome To The Bacon Dome
(Music bed: “Welcome To The Terrordome (Terrormental)” by Public Enemy.)
created 8/28/15, added 9/13/15

Welcome To The HughDome (PBR Mix)
Hugh Hewitt talks about beer; plus Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet.
(Music bed: “Welcome To The Terrordome (Terrormental)” by Public Enemy.)
created 8/24/15, added 8/25/15

Pabst Blue Ribbon Ad With A Blue Velvet Twist
created 8/22/15, added 8/25/15

Donald Trump: The Message
(Music bed: “The Message,” from Karaoke Rap Classics.)
created 8/12/05, added 8/12/15

Welcome To The Trumpdome
(Music bed: “Welcome To The Terrordome (Terrormental)” by Public Enemy.)
h/t CNN vine.
added 8/12/15

Ben Rhodes: The Message
(Music bed: “The Message,” from Karaoke Rap Classics.)
added 7/31/15

Ben Rhodes: Sheik Of Araby
(Music bed: Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France, “The Sheik Of Araby,” 1937.)
added 7/31/15

Shut Up, Marie Harf
(Music bed: “Shut Up,” The Stranglers.)
added 7/31/15

Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) Is All Apologies Re Baltimore
(Music bed: “All Apologies,” Nirvana.)
added 4/30/15

Rand On the Run
(Music bed: “Band On The Run,” Wings.)
added 4/17/15

Runaway, Rand Paul Edition
(Music bed: “Runaway,” Del Shannon.)
created 4/11/15, added 4/17/15

Cornnam Style: Hugh Hewitt & David Corn
(Music bed: Karaoke version of “Gangnam Style.”)
created 2/24/15, added 4/17/15

Hugh Hewitt Does It Columbo Style
(Music bed: Karaoke version of “Gangnam Style.”)
created 2/13/15, added 4/17/15

Richard Wagner, Mark Levin & Feminist “Singers”
(Music bed: “The Ride of the Valkyries.”)
Mark Levin audio from his 2/2/15 Audio Rewind.
Feminist howling via BBC.
created 2/02/15, added 2/04/15

Grandmaster Petulance: The Message
State of the Union in 1:20.
(Music bed: “The Message,” from Karaoke Rap Classics.)
added 1/21/15

Mr. Hewlitt’s New Year Message to the Tribbles:
Edit 2
Edit 3
added 01/01/15

Dennis Hewlitt
(Music bed: “Naughty By Nature,” from Karaoke Rap Classics.)
created 12/24/14, added 01/01/15

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Jihad
Yes, the singing is godawful. Thanks for noticing.
(Music bed from Karaoke – Christmas Songs Vol. 9.)
Lyrics here.
added 12/18/14

Sam Elliott/Big Lebowski Parody: The Hill
(Music bed: “Tumbling Tumbleweeds,” Sons of the Pioneers.)
Script here.
added 12/05/14

Stand With Hillary, CLARadio Edit
(Music bed: “Stand With Hillary.”)
created 12/04/14, added 12/05/14

Crazy: Jim Farrakhan Louie Jones
(Music bed: “Crazy,” Patsy Cline.)
added 12/04/14

Obama FB video + Earlier Comments + Oz
(Music bed: Excerpt from Wizard of Oz instrumental music.)
added 11/19/14

It’s Great To Be King Barack
(Music bed: “It’s Great To Be King,” Tom Petty.)
Obama audio excerpted from file below added 11/17/14.
created 11/17/14, added 11/18/14

Obama Was Against Playing Emperor Before He Was For It
Audio excerpts from four speeches–one from 2011, three from 2014.
added 11/17/14

MSNBC’s Jimmy Williams does the Old White People Rap
(Music bed: “The Message,” from Karaoke Rap Classics.)
added 11/11/14

The MSNBC Election Night Message
(Music bed: “The Message,” from Karaoke Rap Classics.)
added 11/7/14

MSNBC Circus Clowns Midterms
(Music bed: “Circus Clown Calliope Suite,” derivation misplaced.)
added 11/5/14

Charlie Rangel Doing God’s Work
(Music bed: “Crazy,” by Patsy Cline)
created 10/31/14, added 11/5/14

DJ Barry O: On The Ballot
(Music bed: “Me Myself and I,” from Karaoke Rap Classics.)
created 11/2/14

Pivot To Hillary: Generalissimo Duane Patterson Raps (1:12)
(Music bed: “The Humpty Dance,” from Karaoke Rap Classics.)
created 10/29/14, added 10/30/14

Businesses Don’t Create Jobs: Hillary Clinton and DJ Barry O
(Music bed: “Whoomp! There It Is,” from Karaoke Rap Classics.)
Alternate heavier compression setting
Alternate heaviest compression setting

created 10/26/14, added 10/27/14

Hillary, Wild Thing
(Music bed: “Wild Thing,” from Karaoke Rap Classics.)
added 10/12/14

Hillary Does The Humpty Dance (I Said No)
Hillary audio from her appearance at the Economic Club in Chicago (10/8/14), and from the audio book version of Hard Choices. I may have thrown in a bit or two from her Ferguson-related speech, as well.
(Music bed: “The Humpty Dance,” from Karaoke Rap Classics.)
added 10/11/14

ConservativeLA Radio Promo Edits:
Time for ConservativeLA Radio
It’s ConservativeLA Radio
(Vin Scully stuff with C.J. Box edited in.)
added 9/28/14

Le Hot Club of Tingles
Chris Matthews on ISIS, 9/17/14.
(Music bed: Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France, “The Sheik Of Araby,” 1937.)
created 9/18/14, added 9/19/14

Summary of the President’s 9/11/14 Address to the Nation
added 9/12/14

Hillary Clinton On Ferguson
(Amazon karaoke version of the theme from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.)
created 8/28/14, added 9/6/14

Hint: A religious faith gone toxic is not nihilism.
(Various Barack Obama and John Kerry clips; no music bed.)
added 9/5/14

Ride Of The Demagogues: Obama In Milwaukee 09/01/14
(Wagner: “The Ride of the Valkyries.”)
added 9/5/14

Obama’s 8/18/14 Press Conference in 1:37
added 8/20/14

Bogie/Bacall Clips
(From To Have and Have Not, and The Big Sleep.)
added 8/20/14

Funny Rockets
(Obama at USA Africa Summit news conference, 8/06/14, with laugh track.)
added 8/20/14

Charlie Brown, Obama-Style
(The Coasters, with excerpts from 7/30/14 speech.)
added 8/20/14

Sue Me
(Obama edit of “Sue Me,” from Guys & Dolls.)
added 07/03/14

President Uh (edit of Obama’s Iraq presser):
Short Version
Long Version
Long Version with Edgard Varèse’s Amériques music bed
Mutant Version
(Varèse piece source is here.)
added 6/19/14

CLAR #100: Thanks For the Memories
A quick speed drill on many of the show topics over the first 99 episodes.
(Piano by YouTube user Calikokat101.)
added 6/18/14

Hillary Caught Up In Her Own Lies
Audio only; no music bed.
added 6/18/14

The Amazing Duane Rap, Featuring Hugh Hewlitt
In honor of a rare moment of praise on 6/13/14.
(Amazon karaoke version of OJ Rap.)
added 6/14/14

Reagan at Naval Academy 1985 v. Obama at West Point 2014
(Raw material via C-SPAN; link runs a little over ten minutes.)
added 5/29/14

Hillary Clinton’s Neighborhood
Thanks to @Radioblogger for the raw HRC audio.
(Amazon karaoke version of the theme from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.)
added 5/27/14

Homage to HHRS Caller George from Colorado
Call again real soon! The 5/7 call was grand.
(Lalo Guerrero, “Marijuana Boogie.”)
added 05/08/14

Something Stupid, Featuring Rand Paul
Alas, a lot of his tastiest comments were in articles. This will have to suffice.
(Frank and Nancy Sinatra, “Something Stupid.”)
added 04/24/14

An Easter Message From Al Sharpton
Jesus Christ was the Little Engine Who Could? Who knew?
(BBC Radio theme, Dr Finlay’s Casebook; Handel’s Messiah, Hallelujah Chorus.)
Shout-out to Washington Free Beacon for the serial race edits.
added 04/20/14

Hugh Hewitt Slags the Tribbles
Too complicated for radio. Go away!
(Nirvana, “Scentless Apprentice.”)
added 04/11/14

Tribute To Leland Yee
The fit has hit the shan.
(Warren Zevon, “Lawyers, Guns and Money.”)
added 03/30/14

Barack Obama Free Improvisation With Cecil Taylor
It takes a long time to correctly not answer a question.
(The mash-up proper follows Johnathan Karl’s question, around 0:54.)
added 03/25/14

Xavier Bacerra: Something Might Happen
Uncle Barry can’t just sit there, Comrade!
(“The Internationale” begins at 0:40.)
added 02/18/14

Dueling Apologies
The fat man versus the empty suit.
added 01/10/14

Schizophrenia, Chris Matthews Editon
Happy birthday, Tingles!
(Sonic Youth, “Schizophrenia” [live in studio].)
added 12/17/13

Obama vs Sowell on Household Income (YouTube)
added 12/16/13

Kathleen Sebelius Jams With Ornette Coleman (mix 1)
Kathleen Sebelius Jams With Ornette Coleman (mix 2)
…when asked about Politifact’s Lie Of The Year.
(Ornette Coleman, “Lonely Woman.”)
added 12/14/13

Cry If You Want, Barack Obama Edition
Man’splaining an’ shiz.
(The Who, “Cry If You Want.”)
added 11/18/13

Crazy, Chris Matthews Edition
The gift that keeps on giving.
(Patsy Cline: “Crazy.”)
added 11/12/13

Chris Matthews’ Mind Is On Vacation
The man is not at all well.
(Curtis Stigers: “Your Mind Is On Vacation.”)
added 11/11/13

Little Liar (Obama ACA Mix)
Actually he’s a big liar, but oh well oh well.
(Joan Jett: “Little Liar.”)
added 11/11/13

Lies (Obama ACA Mix)
One of my better mash-ups.
(J.J. Cale: “Lies.”)
added 11/05/13

Changes (Pelosi ACA Mix)
(Karaoke version of David Bowie’s “Changes.”)
added 10/24/13

My S***’s F***ed Up (Obama ACA Mix)
Language advisory, obviously.
(Warren Zevon: “My S***’s F***ed Up.”)
added 10/23/13

Step Right Up (Obama ACA Mix)
Possibly the best mash-up on the list.
(Tom Waits: “Step Right Up.”)

Fatwa This
Hugh Hewitt on Iran.
(Primus: “Here Come The Bastards.”)

Debbie Don’t Lose That Number
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz dissembles re
(Steely Dan: “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number.”)

The Democratic Socialist From Honolulu
Parody lyrics and “singing” by yours truly.
(Karaoke version of “The Little Old Lady From Pasadena.”)
YouTube version here.

Obamacare Trainwreck
A cast of several.
(Karaoke version of “OJ Rap.”)

Maturity At MSNBC
Race-baiting neo-Marxism with clown shoes.
(Calliope music, of course.)

When Scandals Collide
Parody lyrics and “singing” by yours truly.
(Karaoke version of “When Two Worlds Collide.”)

Eminence Front John McCain-Style

The joys of Syrian “moderates.”
(The Who: “Eminence Front.”)

Here Come The Bastards: Dan Pfeiffer Edition
Quite a brain trust in the White House these days.
(Primus: “Here Come The Bastards.”)

We Are The Enemy, IRS Edition
Source music by my Twitter friends The Army You Have.
(The Army You Have: “We Are The Enemy.”)

Circus Carney
Jay Carney is actually Jay North. #TrueStory.
(Calliope music, of course.)

Dueling Scandals
There are so many.
(Karaoke version of Dueling Banjos.)

Papesterian Rap
Mr. Hugh Hewlitt raps about the Papal Conclave. Pope!
(Karaoke version of “OJ Rap.”)

Hugo In Hell
Jew-hating in the workers’ paradise of Venezuela.
(Wizard of Oz and Primus.)
YouTube version here.

Ask A Jew 2 Promo
A little promo I did for a Hewitt/Prager event.
(Dick Dale: “Miserlou.”)
YouTube version here.

Assorted Leftist fruits and nuts.
(Patsy Cline: “Crazy.”)

Hooray For Hollywood, Not So Much
Contra FLOTUS’ sanctimonious nonsense about Tinsel Town.
(Source unknown: “Hooray For Hollywood.”)
YouTube version here.

Shaft: Biden Mash-Up
He’s a bad gaffemeister. Talkin’ ’bout Joe!
(Issac Hayes: “Shaft.”)
YouTube version here.

Let’s Get It On (With The Tea Party)
Dude. Maxine Waters is a comedy genius.
(Marvin Gaye: “Let’s Get It On.”)
YouTube version here.

Thanks Heaven For Little Girls, Bob Menendez-Style
(Maurice Chevalier: “Thank Heaven For Little Girls.”)
YouTube version only.

When Chris Met Barry (YouTube)
Ask A Jew 2 Highlights (YouTube)