CLA Radio 01/19/18: Dr. Demento Covered In Punk

What:  In its entirety, released a mere week ago, Dr. Demento Covered In Punk!

Dr. Demento needs no introduction, but here’s one just in case.

When: Friday, January 19, 2018; 6:00 PM Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern.

(We usually start later than the scheduled time, because Generalissimo’s Aftershow generally runs late.)

Where: Duane FM in the Hughniverse (subscription required).

Spotify playlist: Here.

Additional info: Hope you can join us in chat!

Twitter info: My Twitter handle is @ConservativeLA. The show hashtag is #CLARadio.

Set list:

Osaka Popstar, Roto Rooter Goodtime Band – Dr Demento Opening Theme (Pico and Sepulveda)
Demento Segment I – Dr Demento and Osaka Popstar
Osaka Popstar – Fish Heads
Demento Segment II – Dr Demento and Barnes and Barnes
William Shatner – Garbageman
Uncle Floyd Vivino and Oogie – Shaving Cream (Punk Lyrics)
Demento Segment III – Dr Demento
Fred Schneider – Fluffy
Demento Segment IV – Dr Demento and Gloria Balsam
James Kochalka Superstar – Dead Puppies
Demento Segment V – Dr Demento
Nobunny – Surfin’ Bird
Balzac – Rat Fink
Demento Segment VI – Dr Demento
Colleen Green – I Like
Demento Segment VII – Dr Demento
Quintron and Miss Pussycat – Creature with the Atom Brain
The Meatmen – I Love Beans
Los Straitjackets – It’s a Gas
Demento Segment VIII – Dr Demento
Brak and Dr Demento – Brak Takeover
Brak – Institutionalized
Demento Segment IX – Brak, Dr Demento and Oglethorpe
The Hamburglars – Batman Theme
Adam West – The Thing
Adam West – Adam West Id
Joan Jett and The Blackhearts – Science Fiction, Double Feature
Demento Segment X – Dr Demento
Gloria Balsam – Gloria Balsam Closing Id
Osaka Popstar – Dr Demento Covered In Punk Theme
Demento Segment XI – Dr Demento
The Vandals – National Brotherhood Week
Demento Segment XII – Dr Demento and Tom Lehrer
The Kipper Kids – Mah Na Mah Na
Demento Segment XIII – Dr Demento
Rasputina – Those Two Dreadful Children
JuiceheaD – Suicide Is Painless (Theme from MASH)
Demento Segment XIV – Dr Demento and Moon Unit Zappa
Missing Persons – Disco Boy
Quintron and Miss Pussycat – Telephone Man
Demento Segment XV – Dr Demento
Philly Boy Roy – Punk Rock Girl
The Dead Milkmen – Lydia, the Tattooed Lady
Demento Segment XVI – Dr Demento
Caroline and The Treats – Me and My Vibrator
Nobunny – Monster
Demento Segment XVII – Dr Demento and MC Pee Pants
The Meatmen – My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama
Demento Segment XVIII – Dr Demento and Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett
The Kids of Widney High – Monster Mash
Elvira – Elvira Mistress of the Dark (Intro)
The Misfits – The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati
Demento Segment XIX – Dr Demento
Osaka Popstar – Pico and Sepulveda
Demento Segment XX – Dr Demento and ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic
‘Weird Al’ Yankovic – Beat On the Brat
Uncle Floyd Vivino and Oogie – Shaving Cream (Reprise, Traditional Lyrics)
Demento Segment XXI – Dr Demento, Uncle Floyd and Oogie
Dr Demento – Dr Demento Show Outro (feat Uncle Floyd Vivino)
Uncle Floyd Vivino – Cheerio, Cherry Lips, Cheerio
Osaka Popstar – Dr Demento Covered In Punk Theme (Reprise)
Osaka Popstar + Roto Rooter Goodtime Band – Dr Demento Theme (Reprise) (Pico and Sepulveda)
Brak – Brak Closing Message


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