CLA Radio 05/26/17: Richard Thompson (repeat)

Originally broadcast 01/10/14. Here’s the original show post:


The next ConservativeLA Radio show (on Duane FM in the Hughniverse […]) will feature a guitarist’s guitarist, and a great songwriter to boot: Richard Thompson. The show will focus primarily on Thompson’s solo career.

Hope you can stop by and listen, and join us in chat!

Spoiler set list:

BBC Documentary: Solitary Life (2003)
Grizzly Man: Main Title
Richard and Linda Thompson: A Heart Needs A Home
Richard Thompson: Where’s Home?
Richard Thompson: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Richard Thompson: MGB-GT
Richard Thompson: Sally B
Richard Thompson: Mingus Eyes
Grizzly Man: Ghosts In The Maze
Richard Thompson: Salford Sunday
Richard Thompson: I Can’t Wake up to Save My Life
Richard Thompson: Crawl Back (Under My Stone)
Richard Thompson: Walking The Long Miles Home
Grizzly Man: Glencoe
Richard Thompson: Saving The Good Stuff For You
Richard Thompson: Beeswing
Richard Thompson: Stuck On The Treadmill
Richard Thompson: Stony Ground
Richard Thompson: Waltzing For Dreamers
Grizzly Man: Tim And The Bears
Richard Thompson: The Snow Goose
Richard Thompson: Taking My Business Elsewhere
Richard Thompson: Good Things Happen To Bad People
Richard Thompson: Hope You Like The New Me
Grizzly Man: (unknown)
Richard Thompson: Another Small Thing In Her Favour
Richard Thompson: Uninhabited Man
Grizzly Man: Treadwell No More
Richard and Linda Thompson: The Calvary Cross
Fairport Convention: Farewell, Farewell
Grizzly Man: Bear Swim


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