CLA Radio 05/12/17: Exile On Main St.

What: ConservativeLA Radio will mark the 45th anniversary (yikes!) of the release of The Rolling Stones’ Exile On Main St.:

On the response to the album, Richards said, “When [Exile] came out it didn’t sell particularly well at the beginning, and it was also pretty much universally panned. But within a few years the people who had written the reviews saying it was a piece of crap were extolling it as the best frigging album in the world.”

I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s my favorite Stones album, and has to be included on any rational Top Five Stones Albums list.

Somehow I missed the bonus tracks that were released in 2010 until I assembled this show. Fun stuff!

The first hour of the show will consist of documentary material, so if you’re averse to bad language, or to tales of rock ‘n roll debauchery, drug addiction, moral turpitude, and the like, then you might want to take a pass on this particular show.

When: Friday, May 12, 2017; 6:00 PM Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern. The show will run nearly three hours.

Where: Duane FM in the Hughniverse.

Spotify playlist: Here. (Material marked with an asterisk not included on the Spotify playlist.)

Additional info: Hope you can join us in chat!

Twitter info: My Twitter handle is @ConservativeLA. The show hashtag is #CLARadio.

Set list:

* In Exile, The Making Of Exile On Main St. (1:00:42)
Rocks Off
Rip This Joint
Shake Your Hips
Casino Boogie
Tumbling Dice
Sweet Virginia
Torn and Frayed
Sweet Black Angel
Loving Cup
Turd on the Run
Ventilator Blues, I Just Want to See His Face
Let It Loose
All Down the Line
Stop Breaking Down
Shine a Light
Soul Survivor
* Rolling Stones Exile On Main St. Blues – Mick Jagger Promo Clip
Pass the Wine (Sophia Loren) (2010 bonus disc)
Plundered My Soul (2010 bonus disc)
I’m Not Signifying (2010 bonus disc)
Following the River (2010 bonus disc)
Dancing in the Light (2010 bonus disc)
So Divine (Aladdin Story) (2010 bonus disc)
Loving Cup (alternate take) (2010 bonus disc)
Soul Survivor (alternate take) (2010 bonus disc)
Good Time Women (2010 bonus disc)
Title 5 (2010 bonus disc)


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