Re smoking: Do as I say, not as I do.

Yesterday afternoon concluded my two and a half days as the guest of Dallas Presbyterian Hospital, owing to escalating COPD–by which I mean an acute attack of being unable to breathe properly, against a baseline of a chronic inability to breathe properly. (It all sounds very clinical until you’re the one unable to breathe properly. It is terrifying.)

Even more than your average Joe or Jane, people prone to depression are also prone to rationalizing bad habits like smoking as unimportant–particularly the subset prone to suicidal ideation. The problem is, only a small minority of suchlike folks are ever going to follow through on said ideation; meanwhile, though, they often wreck their health (as well as wreck their lives in other ways, but that’s a tale for another time) with bad habits like smoking.

So here I am, in a cycle (cycle is the wrong term, since I am not bipolar, but it will have to suffice) that could be called Least Worst, Mood-Wise, dealing with the the consequences of behavior engaged in when the cycle was of a far less pleasant nature.

Oh well.

Do yourself a favor: Stop smoking before you get to the point I have. I wish I had video of myself being driven to ER, unable to breathe properly. I would gladly post it, embarrassment aside, if I thought I could persuade one reader that deliberately inhaling garbage chemicals is not such a bright idea.


One Response to Re smoking: Do as I say, not as I do.

  1. Dan Draney says:

    Hope you can kick that habit now. Breathing is good for you. 🙂

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