CLA Radio 12/09/16: Dan Hicks


Yes, I know, Tribbles–another single artist show. But hey, Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks loomed large in my teenage years. So there.

What:  A tribute show to the lately-departed Dan Hicks, with heavy emphasis on my two favorite albums of his: Where’s The Money? (1971) and Striking It Rich (1972).

When: Friday, December 09, 2016, 6:00 PM Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern.

Where: Duane FM in the Hughniverse.

Spotify playlist: Here, except for two songs from his 1989 Sunday Night gig with the Acoustic Warriors.

Twitter info: My handle is @ConservativeLA. The show hashtag is #CLARadio.

Set List:
All songs Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks unless otherwise noted.

Dan Hicks – Capo On My Brain – Live In San Francisco 1964
The Jukies’ Ball – Original Recordings
Milk Shakin’ Mama – Original Recordings
How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away – Original Recordings
I Feel Like Singing – Where’s The Money
Coast To Coast – Where’s The Money
News From Up The Street – Where’s The Money
Where’s The Money – Where’s The Money
Caught In The Rain – Where’s The Money
Shorty Falls In Love – Where’s The Money
By Hook Or By Crook – Where’s The Money
Reelin’ Down – Where’s The Money
The Buzzard Was Their Friend – Where’s The Money
Traffic Jam – Where’s The Money
Is This My Happy Home – Where’s The Money
Dig A Little Deeper – Where’s The Money
You Got To Believe – Striking It Rich
Walkin’ One And Only – Striking It Rich
O’Reilly At The Bar – Striking It Rich
Moody Richard (The Innocent Bystander) – Striking It Rich
Flight Of The Fly – Striking It Rich
I Scare Myself – Striking It Rich
Philly Rag – Striking It Rich
The Laughing Song – Striking It Rich
Canned Music – Striking It Rich
I’m An Old Cowhand – Striking It Rich
Fujiyama – Striking It Rich
Cowboy’s Dream No 19 – Last Train To Hicksville
My Old Timey Baby – Last Train To Hicksville
I Asked My Doctor – Last Train To Hicksville
Sweetheart (Waitress In A Donut Shop) – Last Train To Hicksville
It’s Not My Time To Go – Last Train To Hicksville
* Dan Hicks and the Acoustic Warriors – Hell I’d Go – Sunday Night (1989)
* Dan Hicks and the Acoustic Warriors – Shootin’ Straight – Sunday Night (1989)
Dan Hicks, Elvis Costello, Brian Setzer – Meet Me On The Corner – Beatin’ The Heat
Dan Hicks, Tom Waits – I’ll Tell You Why That Is – Beatin’ The Heat
First I Lost My Marbles – Selected Shorts
Dan Hicks, Hot Club Sandwich – Cow Cow Boogie – And If Only
Skippy’s Farewell – Striking It Rich


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