CLA Radio 10/07/16: Education


What: A musical extravaganza on the theme of Education, in honor of Breck’s upcoming big adventure, as he returns to teaching!

When: Friday, October 7, 2016, 6:00 PM Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern.

Where: Duane FM in the Hughniverse (which is currently less than a buck for the first month).

Spotify playlist: Here, except for the movie excerpts.

Twitter info: My usual twitter handle, @ConservativeLA has been wrested from the purgatory of Reset Your Password With Your Defunct Email Account. Thanks, Twitter. The hashtag applicable to the show is #CLARadio.

Set List:

Tower Of Power – Educated Bump Part I – TOP
The White Stripes – We’re Going To Be Friends – White Blood Cells
Dave Edmunds – Back To School Days – Get It
Blackboard Jungle (1955) – Job Interview
Weird Al Yankovic – Word Crimes – Mandatory Fun
Kirk Taylor & The Majestics – You Didn’t Learn That In School – Bandera Doo Wop
Stand and Deliver (1988) – Fill The Hole
Otis Rush – Homework – Blues Classics
Rockpile – Teacher Teacher – Seconds Of Pleasure
Benny Goodman – Can’t Teach My Old Heart New Tricks – The Essential Benny Goodman
Jeannie C Riley – Harper Valley PTA – Harper Valley PTA
Jethro Tull – Teacher – Benefit
Amy Winehouse – Teach Me Tonight – Frank
The Emperor’s Club (2002) – Stupid Lasts Forever
The Gourds – The Education Song – Heavy Ornamentals
Kinks – Schooldays – Schoolboys In Disgrace
Chuck Berry – School Day – 20th Century Masters
Mississippi Fred McDowell – Good Morning Little Schoolgirl – Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Dead Poets Society (1989) – Keating’s Class
The Replacements – F’ School (Abbreviated Edit) – Stink
The Beach Boys – Be True To Your School – Little Deuce Coupe
Doris Day – Teacher’s Pet – Greatest Hits
To Sir, With Love (1967) – Trailer
Motorhead – Teach Them How To Bleed – Bad Magic
Old 97s – Friends Forever – Drag It Up
10,000 Maniacs – National Education Week – Hope Chest
Eek-A-Mouse – Teacher – Most Wanted
Ramones – I Don’t Wanna Be Learned – Ramones
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) – Spicoli Orders a Pizza
Steely Dan – My Old School – Countdown To Ecstasy
Bobby Rush, Jordan Patterson – No Educated Woman – No Educated Woman
Jan & Dean – The New Girl In School – From Surf City To Drag City
William Clarke – Educated Fool – Deluxe Edition
Kinks – Education – Schoolboys In Disgrace
Ramones – Rock & Roll High School – End Of The Century
The Kiboomers – Thank You Teachers! – Preschool Action Songs
Kindergarten Cop (1990) – Now We’re Having Fun
Neil Innes – My New School – Recollections
Ricky Nelson – Waitin’ In School – Ricky
Sonny Boy Williamson I – Good Morning School Girl – Bluebird Blues
Spinal Tap – Bitch School – Break Like The Wind
Gil Scott-Heron – Sex Education Ghetto Style – The Revolution Begins
Dinah Washington – Teach Me Tonight – Standards
A Beautiful Mind (2001) – Multiple Solutions
Tower Of Power – Educated Bump Part II – TOP


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