Trump’s Russian Connections: A List

TrumpFightsAviAs if determined to again prove what a deeply un-serious people we are, the news is dominated by stories about Trump’s email joke.

Yes, it was a joke. I loathe Donald Trump, but were I to compile a list of reasons for my loathing, making piss-poor, un-Presidential jokes about Hillary Clinton would rank near the bottom.

Also, we begin bombing in five minutes.

One side effect of the perverse fixation on that relatively trivial joke is that Trump’s actual Russian connections, which are disturbing in the extreme, are lumped in with the joke and dismissed as one thing, similar to the effect that Ron Paul or Alex Jones have regarding any topic they touch. (And speaking of Ron Paul, he’s up to his wazoo in Russian connections, too.)

Hyperventilating accusations that Trump is a Russian agent likewise distract from the already alarming reality–it’s bad enough that Trump’s views largely align with Putin’s without engaging in tinfoil conspiracies.

And so, I thought it might be useful to create a list of a few articles that dive into the very serious topic of Trump’s actual connections with Russia in general, and with Team Putin in particular. There will necessarily be some overlap and redundancy in the material, but hopefully this post will make it just a bit more difficult for some people to argue from ignorance on the topic.

  1. Here’s what we know about Donald Trump and his ties to Russia (The Washington Post, 7/29/16). A serviceable, fairly brief overview.
  2. Putin’s Puppet (Slate, 7/21/16). Lots of background detail and links, particularly on Trump’s interesting investor and banking relationships.
  3. Trump picked stock fraud felon as senior adviser (AP, 12/4/15). Included here because Felix Sater is a bridge between Trump’s Russian connections, and his organized crime connections; the latter is an extremely important topic in itself.
  4. Trump & Putin. Yes, It’s Really a Thing (Talking Points Memo, 7/23/16). Yes, I know, another Leftist site, but the piece contains more detail on Trump’s banking/investment activities, etc.
  5. And, finally, Inside Trump’s financial ties to Russia and his unusual flattery of Vladimir Putin (The Washington Post, 6/17/16), which is referenced in the first Washington Post article above.

Again, to be perfectly clear, allegations that Trump is a Russian agent, or that he violated the Logan Act by sarcastically joking about Hillary’s emails, are total horseshit, completely besides the point, and are convenient excuses for Trump/Putin apologists to dismiss Trump’s actual connections with Putinist Russia.

Don’t take the bait.


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