CLA Radio 01/08/16: Watercraft


ConservativeLA Radio (on Duane FM in the Hughniverse, Friday, 01/08/16, 7:00 PM Pacific/10:00 PM Eastern) will feature music about Watercraft: Boats, Ships, Barges, Rafts and Suchlike Aquatic Conveyances.

AIR DATE IS TENTATIVE. (When that proviso is removed from this post, it will be a locked-down air date.) Air date is as indicated.

No, there will be no Beach Boys (who I love), nor Jimmy Buffett (who I do not). Think outside the box, people!

Hope you can stop by and listen, and join us in chat.

The Spotify playlist is here.

(I’m also on Twitter.)

Set List:

Primus: Seas Of Cheese
The Band: Get Up Jake
Chuck Berry: Havana Moon
Lyle Lovett: If I Had A Boat
Harry Belafonte: Banana Boat Song
Chris Knight: Send A Boat
The Persuasions & Friends: Ship Of Fools
John Hartford: Long Hot Summer Days
Billy Bragg, Wilco, Natalie Merchant: Birds And Ships
Jim Morrison & The Doors: Ghost Ship
Freddier McGregor: Big Ship
Randy Newman: Sail Away
Jimi Hendrix: Ships Passing Through The Night
The Shins: Girl Sailor
Ella Fitzgerald: Smooth Sailing
Guy Clark: Boats To Build
John Prine: Slow Boat To China
Jimmy Dean: P.T. 109
Ella Fitzgerald: A Ship Without A Sail
Jim Morrison & The Doors: Angels And Sailors
Billie Holiday: A Sailboat In The Moonlight
Kokomo Arnold: Big Ship Blues
Cowboy Junkies: White Sail
Jack Jones: Love Boat Theme
Johnny Cash & June Carter: Fast Boat To Sydney
Chris Knight: Down The River
John Hartford: The Julia Belle Swain
Loudon Wainwright III: Little Ship
Lead Belly: Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On
Maybelle Carter: The Old Gospel Ship
Silvertone Jubilee Quartet: Old Ship Of Zion
Peter Rowan: Boat Of Love
Johnny Lover: Like It Like This (Don’t Rock My Boat)
Rick Wakeman: The Raft
The Doors: Crystal Ship
Jimi Hendrix: Castles Made Of Sand
Tom Waits: God’s Away On Business


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