CLA Radio 01/01/16: Drive By Truckers


ConservativeLA Radio (on Duane FM in the Hughniverse, Friday, 01/01/16, 7:00 Pacific/10:00 Eastern), so as to give Duane a week off, will kick off the New Year with an old show: the Drive By Truckers edition, originally aired on 07/11/14.

Hope you can stop by and listen, and join us in chat.

No Spotify playlist is available for this show.

(I’m also on Twitter.)


Set list:

All songs by the Drive By Truckers.

Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley Interview (Rolling Stone Live)
Patterson Hood Interview (O2Academy)
The Secret To A Happy Ending (Documentary Trailer)
That Man I Shot (Brighter Than Creation’s Dark)
Sink Hole (Decoration Day)
I Do Believe (Go-Go Boots)
Decoration Day (Decoration Day)
Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife (Brighter Than Creation’s Dark)
Love Like This (Alabama Ass Whuppin’)
Space City (A Blessing and a Curse)
My Sweet Annette (Decoration Day)
Your Daddy Hates Me (Decoration Day)
Feb 14 (A Blessing and a Curse)
Dead, Drunk, and Naked (Southern Rock Opera)
Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus) (Pizza Deliverance)
Why Henry Drinks (Alabama Ass Whuppin’)
Outfit (Decoration Day)
Uncle Frank (Pizza Deliverance)
Carl Perkins’ Cadillac (The Dirty South)
Days of Graduation (Southern Rock Opera)
Ronnie and Neil (Southern Rock Opera)
72 (This Highway’s Mean) (Southern Rock Opera)
Guitar Man Upstairs (Southern Rock Opera)
Birmingham (Southern Rock Opera)
The Southern Thing (Southern Rock Opera)
The Three Great Alabama Icons (Southern Rock Opera)
Wallace (Southern Rock Opera)
Let There Be Rock (Southern Rock Opera)
Road Cases (Southern Rock Opera)
Women Without Whiskey (Southern Rock Opera)
Shut Up and Get on the Plane (Southern Rock Opera)
Greenville to Baton Rouge (Southern Rock Opera)
Angels and Fuselage (Southern Rock Opera)
Danko/Manuel (The Dirty South)
The Secret To A Happy Ending (Documentary Excerpt)
Steve McQueen (First Avenue live bootleg 03/27/14)


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