A Real President Addresses the Nation

My fellow Americans:

Radical Islamism long ago declared war on the civilized world.

We are at war with radical Islamism.

We will win that war. We must win that war. The future of civilization depends on it.

We did not invite that war, welcome that war, or cause that war–notwithstanding the arguments of those who will always blame America and the West for the world’s ills. But we will finish what radical Islamists have started.

Radical Islamism is a subset, not the totality, of Islam.

Repeat: Radical Islamism does not represent the totality of the Muslim world. It does not speak for all Muslims. I would argue that it does not even speak for most Muslims.

Radical Islamism’s primary aim is to combine, in terms understandable to the West, church and state–it seeks to bring about by unspeakable violence what we in the West might call a theocracy.

Radical Islamism makes war on all those who refuse to submit to its aim: Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists–and most frequently, fellow Muslims who balk at radical Islamists’ savagery

Radical Islamism is a death cult. It is antithetical to all that civilized people hold dear, whatever our other differences.

We are not at war with Islam. In the words of Daniel Pipes,

Those who make all Islam their enemy not only succumb to a simplistic and essentialist illusion but they lack any mechanism to defeat it. We who focus on Islamism see World War II and the Cold War as models for subduing the third totalitarianism. We understand that radical Islam is the problem and moderate Islam is the solution. We work with anti-Islamist Muslims to vanquish a common scourge. We will triumph over this new variant of barbarism so that a modern form of Islam can emerge.

Those who argue that Islam is all one thing–and therefore march in lockstep with the arguments of radical Islamists–simply betray their ignorance of Islam, and perversely mimic radical Islamists’ claims to be the true representatives of Islam.

I am not talking about some “religion of peace” nonsense that attempts to detach radical Islamism from Islam generally–as I said, radical Islamism is a subset of Islam. I am talking about the reality of diverse opinion and behavior within the Muslim world.

The fact that all too many radical Islamists position themselves, with the help of a lazy and compliant media, as “moderates” (a particular Hamas front-group, always at the ready to engage in dishonest narratives, comes to mind) does not mean that genuinely moderate Muslims do not exist, or are so few as to be the exception to the rule; it simply means that the media has been complicit in the deliberate confusion of Islamism in particular with Islam in general, to the detriment of reasonable voices within Islam.

We cannot prevail in the war against radical Islamist barbarism until we understand what it is.

Let that understanding begin today.

We will prevail.





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