Transcript: Trump compares Carson’s claimed pathological anger to child molesting

Video here.

Also of interest, @rubedawg1061 provided this very germane link concerning the word apophasis, “a rhetorical device wherein the speaker or writer brings up a subject by either denying it, or denying that it should be brought up.”

My transcription:

EB: In terms of Dr. Carson, um, you’ve said some of the questions about his past are fair. There have been a lot of questions about what really happened, what his childhood was like. Uh, yunno, he’s pushed back on the media. He said at the debate the other night, “I have a problem about being lied about.” Do you believe he’s being truthful now you’ve heard his answers?

DT: Well I don’t know, I mean, first of all I like him. I get along with him very well. I just don’t don’t know. And don’t forget, this is in his book. I’m not bringing up anything that’s not in his book, and, yunno, when he says he went after his mother and wanted to hit her in the head with a hammer, that bothers me. I mean, that’s pretty bad. When he says he’s pathological, and he says that in the book, I don’t say that.

And again, I’m not saying anything. I’m not saying anything, other than, pathological is a very serious disease. And he said he’s pathological. Somebody said he has pathological disease.

Other people said he said in the book–and I haven’t seen it, I know it’s in the book–that’s he’s got a pathological temper or temperament. That’s a big problem, because you don’t cure that.

That’s like, yunno, I could say–they say you don’t cure, as an example, child molester. You don’t cure, these people. You don’t cure, a child molester. There’s no cure for it. Pathological, there’s no cure for that. Now, I didn’t say it, he said it in his book.

So when I hear somebody pathological, when somebody says I went after my mother with a–and he’s saying it about himself–with a hammer and hit her in the head, I say whoa! I never did. You never did. I don’t know anybody that ever did, personally. But that’s a big statement.

When he said he hit a friend of his in the face with a lock, with a padlock, right in the face, I say whoa! That’s pretty bad.

And when he said he stabbed somebody with a knife but it hit him in the belt buckle–I know a lot about knives and belt buckles. Belt buckles aren’t gonna stop because they’re gonna turn, they’re gonna twist, they’re gonna, yunno, they’re not solid, especially if somebody has got a ‘couple extra pounds on you. Yunno, they move, there’s a lot of movement. So, the chances of somebody going like that, hitting a belt buckle where it doesn’t slide off and go into the

EB: So you’re not satisfied.

DT: Well I just don’t know. But when said that he’s pathological, you’ll have to ask him that question. Look, I hope it’s fine, because I think it would be a shame. But think of it. What he’s saying is these things happened. But it would be nicer if he said no, none of these things did happen. He’s saying these things happened, and therefore I have credibility. And what I’m saying is I’d rather have them if they didn’t happen. I don’t want somebody that hit somebody in the face really hard with a padlock. I don’t want somebody that went after his mother with a hammer.

EB: To be President.

DT: I don’t want somebody, frankly, I didn’t ready his book. But according to the book he said he’s pathological. That’s a very serious term.


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