Trump: “The word ‘fix’ is not a good one to use in politics!”



“We’re going to find out why [the Department of Veterans Affairs is] going bad and we’re going to fix it.” (10/31/15)

“Our infrastructure is terrible, and it’s only getting worse and more expensive to fix.” (Crippled America, 2015)

“Why can’t we get these problems fixed? The answer is that the people we put in charge don’t know how to fix them.” (Crippled America, 2015)

“We don’t spend enough to fix, build, or maintain our ‘plant.'” (Crippled America, 2015)

“Fixing our infrastructure will be one of the biggest projects this country has ever undertaken….Let me ask you, if your own house was falling down and you had to hire someone to fix it before it completely collapsed, who would you hire?” (Crippled America, 2015)

“For me, fixing the country’s infrastructure would be a major priority project.” (Crippled America, 2015)

And so on.



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