#CLAHomeworkAssignment 6/4/15: ‘Dear Bruce Jenner: You Could Really Be Hurting People’

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start constantly linking to articles on this topic, but here’s another important piece pertaining to a part of the gender reassignment surgery nonsense that is totally off the media radar–by design, or out of ignorance, or both–because it doesn’t fit their glowing narrative; therefore, the article, and those like it, is important if only for the fact that there is a virtual media embargo on coverage of transgenderism that is anything less than You Go, Girl! boosterism for genital mutilation.

Again from The Federalist, which has done a lot of great work on the topic, comes “Dear Bruce Jenner: You Could Really Be Hurting People,” by Walt Heyer (links in original):

What Jenner nor the media has not talked about is that 62.7 percent of those who have the desire to change genders suffer from a variety of other psychological and psychiatric disorders that haven’t been diagnosed and therefore haven’t been treated. The other disorders range from depression and anxiety to bipolar, dissociative, personality, and obsessive-compulsive disorders and narcissism.

The desire to change genders can be the “acting out” of one of these disorders. When the underlying psychological disorder is treated, the desire for a change of gender subsides….

Those who think gender reassignment is a cure for their depression, anxiety, and gender distress need to be warned. I get hundreds of emails from visitors to my web site, www.sexchangeregret.com—letters from regretters and their wives, parents, brothers, and sisters who tell me how their lives and the lives of their families are completely broken apart as a result of a family member who wants to, or has already, changed genders. All because they did not properly diagnose an existing psychological disorder before undergoing the drastic step of gender change.

Read the rest here.


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