Twitter Rant On Iraq

Let’s get this shit straight. 1. WMDs (i.e., high-concentration sarin) were reported by NYT in February. Use your Google Machine.

2. Item #1 does not rely on your opinions in order to be a fact–unless you want to argue with NYT about the WMDs they conceded existed.

3. Related to #2: I did not support the invasion, because of geopolitical/realpolitik considerations; i.e., Iran.

4. Once troops were in harm’s way, the only goal was to win, and secure the victory.

5. The Democrats and their titular head Mr. Obama did what they always do: They fucked our allies and turned victory into surrender.

6. Iraq is a shit hole now because of Democrats, notwithstanding imaginative alternative non-invasion scenarios poli-sci-fi theorists hatch.

7. Drooling half-wits like Mr. TPM might want to drop their junior high snark long enough to form a coherent thought. But first, fuck off.

8. And the next idiot candidate who says “knowing what we know now” while omitting high-concentration sarin is being breathtakingly stupid.

9. So instead of playing the Knowing What We Know Now game about the invasion, LET’S PLAY IT ON THE TOPIC OF THE PRECIPITOUS WITHDRAWAL.

10. I don’t expect us to walk and chew gum on this. We’ve invested so much in our lovely uniforms–it’s all about whatever team we root for.

11. Suddenly the Left has forgotten their obsession with preventing nuclear proliferation. They’d rather mock W for saying “nuclear” wrong.

12. Hubris trigger warning: Just about everybody is getting this shit ass-backwards. There were WMDs. So what? Iran was always the problem.


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