Tweets: The Senate Gave Up The Farm

Looks like POTUS was given unilateral power by Congressional legislation to waive Iran sanctions. No wonder they’re in CYA mode. Morons.

So, ironically, out of deference to the Office (misplaced in the case of this President), Senate gave up the farm while pretending not to.

When I say “by Congressional legislation,” I mean the preexisting sanctions legislation. Without that waiver, could have forced 2/3. Morons.

A treaty by another name (say, Executive Agreement) that changed US law would’ve required 2/3 advise and consent. Senate screwed themselves.

So the Senate, again out of deference to the Office, kicked any leg they had to stand on out from under themselves. Morons.

So the Corker bill is an idiotic face-saving that makes matters worse by requiring only 34 votes to sustain a veto. Morons.

Anyone with better information who disputes what I’ve said (not just wave around pocket Constitution), please do. This is what I’m seeing.


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