Rand Paul’s Flip-Flops

No, not these:



Note: The Paul partisans will probably kvetch about the sources listed below. Have at it. Feel free to nuance his many (often incoherent) policy shifts to your heart’s content. And while you’re at it, be sure to lay out how long-form nuancing will work in an age of soundbites–other than snarky, petulant complaints about “when did you stop beating your wife” gotcha questions. Like Ross Perot, I’m all ears.

Politico: Rand Paul’s biggest flip-flops

CNN: Rand Paul: The flip-flop king

MSNBC: Rand Paul’s epic ISIS flip-flop

Washington Monthly: Rand Paul Completes His Flip-Flop on Aid To Israel

Newsmax: Rick Santorum: Rand Paul Flip-Flops on Israel, Iran

Hot Air: Tense: Rand Paul clashes with Today host over his foreign policy flip-flops

NBC News: Rand Paul Has His Own History of Flip-Flops


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