Out of California

And so begins my first full day in Dallas, Texas. After having lived in Southern California all my life, here I am. Phase II, as it were.

The journey–in a Ford Fiesta that probably won’t be mine for long–began early Saturday morning and ended Sunday evening. Fortunately the trip was without problems as far as the car went.

Highlights of the trip, in no particular order:

It being over.

Hank FM, which appears to be out of Ft. Worth, played some great old school country (including Buck Owens, no less) during one of the prettier parts of the trip, the stretch of I-20 being I-10 and I-30.

The generosity and hospitality of Breck and his daughter.

Remarkably organized drivers who generally made it a habit, per signs indicating that they should do so, to keep to the right unless passing. Far more civilized than California, for the most part.


My usual equilibrium problems, which made much of the trip unpleasant.

A combination of an inadequate radio (and no iPod, CD player, or suchlike), and a dearth of radio stations. There was simply no radio signals to be had for parts of the trip.

An overnight stop in an crappy Motel 6 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The put me in a room that was already inhabited by quite a few mosquitoes. Had to ask for another room. Schlepped my stuff to the other room, at which time the COPD kicked in with a vengence. Then there were the bikers a few doors down, who partied until about 2:00 in the morning. Worst motel I’ve ever stayed in.

Closed rest areas. Oodles.

Other notable aspects:

Briefly surveying the charming vista that is Ciudad Juarez, from I-10 driving through El Paso.

The sheer labyrinthine chaos of getting from Point A to Point B, in and around DFW. Lots and lots of construction. Somehow I only got lost once, for a half block, before I made an illegal U-turn and got back on course.

Lots of 75 MPH speed limits in Texas–some even 80 MPH.

And so begins Phase II. No idea what to expect.

2 Responses to Out of California

  1. You’ve moved to Texas, my friend? Woohoo! Wishing you all the best of success and happiness, and the fresh start that I know you need! I’ve got a big smile on and couldn’t be more thrilled for you. Can’t wait to hear more about the grand adventure!

  2. Some day if I can blast my wife out of her house in Ghetto Central, I hope to leave Occupied Fornicalia far, FAR behind. The state is a cultural dumping ground for mental defectives and only getting worse.


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