What if Hillary were a member of the U.S. Military?

Marine Corps Times, December, 2013:

A Marine Corps officer…faces the end of his military career for transmitting classified information over an unsecured network….

The case against Maj. Jason Brezler…stems from a warning he sent last year to U.S. troops in Afghanistan about a shady Afghan police chief whose teenage “tea boy” is accused of killing three Marines at at joint base in Helmand province. Shortly after he sent the warning, his colleague expressed concern that Brezler had shared classified information through improper channels. Both officers self-reported, and an investigation ensued.

Brezler also is accused of mishandling more than 100 other classified documents by keeping them on a personal hard drive. He says his team was not issued computers and resorted to working on their personal laptops and sharing documents on thumb drives.

Brezler has been ordered to an administrative hearing, called a board of inquiry, at which he will face accusations of substandard performance and misconduct, or moral or professional dereliction. The hearing is scheduled for December in New Orleans, headquarters of Marine Forces Reserve.

Washington Post, March, 2000:

Justice Department officials say they generally do not prosecute civilians at the CIA, Pentagon, State Department or other federal agencies who mishandle secret documents, as long as there is no evidence of criminal intent, the information is not divulged to a third party, and the employees are disciplined administratively by their agencies….

Military personnel often are treated more severely. Jail sentences or stiff administrative penalties, such as demotions and discharges, are common for service members caught removing classified material without authorization.

“If I had top-secret information on my home computer” while on active duty, “I would be investigated by the criminal investigative division, I would lose my clearance forever, and if it were top-secret or above, as it was in the Deutch case, I cannot imagine not being court-martialed–with jail time,” said retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, an author and military analyst.



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