Europe Is Subsidizing Its Own Destruction

There seems to be a pattern here:

“‘My Husband Is The Victim’ Says Wife Of Man who Radicalised Charlie Hebdo Attackers”:

British based Sylvie still lives in Leicester with her children in a four bedroom house provided by the local authorities. Based on an average calculation of allowances it is estimated she is given about £20,900 while her two sons at university would be entitled to almost £35,000 in loans and grants.

Mrs Beghal previously said that she chose to live in Britain because “I wanted to educate my children surrounded by Muslim brothers and sisters.”

“Islamists on Welfare: Paid to Plot the West’s Demise” (2011):

For example, one of England’s most notorious Muslim leaders, hate preacher and Islamic law proponent Anjem Choudary, has boasted about receiving £25,000 a year in benefits….

Moreover, it was revealed last year that the council house occupied by the wife and eight children of England’s most infamous convicted hate preacher, the hook-handed Abu Hamza, received a £40,000 “makeover paid for by taxpayers.”….

Two weeks after the July 7, 2005, bombings in London, four explosions disrupted the city’s public transportation system once more. (Fortunately, only one injury was reported.) British authorities subsequently discovered that the Muslim radicals involved in the attack had collected more than £165,000 in benefits, aided by multiple addresses and national insurance numbers. Two of them originally won asylum in Britain by using forged passports and false names.

Abu Qatada, sometimes referred to as “Osama bin Laden’s ambassador in Europe,” was found guilty of plotting to plant bombs during millennium celebrations in Jordan. After his release from prison in 2008, he was granted £150 a week in “incapacity benefits” for a bad back — despite later being photographed wearing a knapsack and carrying groceries on the anniversary of the July 7 London bombings. Along with publishing that photo, the Telegraph revealed that “Qatada’s family is understood to be claiming around £47,000 a year in benefits — £500 a week in child benefits for the four of his five children under 18, £210 for income support, £150 for incapacity benefit, £45 in council tax benefit — along with a council home worth around £800,000.”….

One of Norway’s most notorious welfare recipients is also a convicted terrorist: Mullah Krekar, who has been linked to bombings in Madrid and Iraq.

“Why does Britain have an Islamist problem while America doesn’t? Answer: the welfare state” (2011):

In fact the one thing religious extremists in Britain and Europe almost all have in common is their willingness to take money from the kuffir. Another tabloid regular, “Tottenham Ayatolla” Omar Bakri, sponged £275,000 in welfare, including a £31,000 Ford Galaxy people carrier to ferry around his seven children. And between them the July 21 bombers, who were admitted into Britain as refugees from war-torn east Africa, received £500,000 in welfare payments before repaying the British people by trying (and failing) to murder lots of innocents (who were only saved because the mastermind of the plots had been through the British state education system and so was incapable of doings the sums necessary to make a bomb).

“‘Claim jobseeker’s allowance and plan holy war’: Hate preacher pocketing £25,000 a year in benefits calls on fanatics to live off the state” (2013):

He told a crowd of around 30 fanatics: ‘People will say, ‘Ah, but you are not working’. But the normal situation is for you to take money from the kuffar (non-Muslim).

‘So we take Jihadseeker’s Allowance. You need to get support.’

In another video a grinning Choudary is recorded telling his disciples that it is justifiable to take money from non-believers.

He said: ‘The normal situation is to take money from the kuffar. You work, give us the money, Allahu Akhbar (God is great).

‘Hopefully there’s no one from the DSS listening to this.’

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