Our Heartbreaking Stupidity vis. Islam

haironfireAs long as I slag on the Left all the livelong day on Twitter, all is right with the Right as far as yours truly is concerned; to the extent that anyone pays attention to my tweets, my fellow conservatives are in agreement, entertained, or both.

But when the subject turns to things Muslim, the Right seems to descend (with some exceptions) into some astounding lower level of Dantesque dumbfuckery that amounts to little more than a negative image of the Religion Of Peace nonsense of the Left (and of the pearl-clutching Right).

People, please. A grip needs to be gotten.

First, do your fucking homework.

I tweeted: Islamism pushes government-enforced sharia on all citizens thru force and/or stealth; it is a *subset* of Islam. Semantic problem solved.

Then I tweeted: And if you’re tempted to play the brain-dead “All Muslims Are…” game, check out Pew circa 2013. Use your google machine.

After that I tweeted: Yes, Virginia, there’s a whole lot of dumbfuckery afoot in the house of Islam. All the more reason to support and defend rational Muslims.

And when I really want to set the Right’s hair on fire, I link to this earlier blog post of mine, which contains this epic quote from Daniel Pipes: “Those who make all Islam their enemy not only succumb to a simplistic and essentialist illusion, but they lack any mechanism to defeat it.”

Oh, and here’s the Pew link. Is it encouraging? Hell no, it’s terrifying.

But here’s a story you probably missed. Remember that al-Sisi is a guy that Morsi elevated.

Have I lost you yet? Too bad. Catch up.

Do I believe the Religion Of Peace trope? Er, no. And those who think I do are looking past my arguments to fit me in a box. Unfortunately, there are only two boxes. The first box is YOU’RE AN ISLAMOPHOBE IF YOU CRITICIZE ISLAM! and the second box is ALL MUSLIMS ARE WANNABE ISLAMOFASCISTS!

I have a box for y’all. It’s called I CAN’T WALK AND CHEW GUM AT THE SAME TIME!


Whoops, I almost forgot. This is the best cartoon of this ugly, ugly day:




One Response to Our Heartbreaking Stupidity vis. Islam

  1. You might enjoy some articles perhaps pointing to a different set of circumstances, from a Danish psychologist: http://bloviatingzeppelin.net/why-islam-creates-monsters/

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