CLA Radio 12/26/14: Boxing Day In Bakersfield


The next ConservativeLA Radio show (on Duane FM in the Hughniverse, Friday night, 12/26/14, 7:00 Pacific/10:00 Eastern) will concern itself with the Bakersfield Sound. A very special guest (and friend of the show) will do the introductory set up.

One of those rare shows where I keep my piehole shut the entire time (but of course I’ll be rambling on in chat giving background and suchlike).

Hope you can stop by, listen to the show, and join us in chat.

Spotify list here, so non-Tribbles won’t feel completely left out.

Preliminary Set List:

Jim Lauderdale: Merle World
Robbie Fulks: The Buck Starts Here
Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen: Bakersfield Bound
C-SPAN: Westward Migration and the Bakersfield Sound
Wynn Stewart: Another Day, Another Dollar
Merle Haggard: Swinging Doors
Buck Owens: Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
John Doe: I Can’t Hold Myself In Line
Emmylou Harris: Bottle Let Me Down
Vince Gill & Paul Frank: Buckin’ Merle
Dwight Yoakam: It Won’t Hurt
Buck Owens: The One You Slip Around With
Merle Haggard: Jimmie Rodgers Blues
Buck Owens: Under Your Spell Again
Merle Haggard: I Knew The Moment I Lost You
Buck Owens: Key’s In The Mailbox
Merle Haggard: If You’ve Got The Money
Joe Nichols: Footlights
Merle Haggard: Sing Me Back Home
Buck Owens: Think It Over
Wynn Stewart: It’s Such A Pretty World Today
Merle Haggard: If Only I Could Fly
Emmylou Harris: Kern River
Billy Joe Shaver: Ramblin’ Fever
Merle Haggard: I Could Have Gone Right
Iris DeMent: Big City
Dwight Yoakam: Guitars, Cadillacs
Buck Owens: Lyin’ Again
Merle Haggard: Hungry Eyes
Dwight Yoakam: Holding Things Together
Buck Owens: Heartaches For A Dime
Merle Haggard: Mama Tried
Rosie Flores: My Own Kind Of Hat
Merle Haggard: Workin’ Man Blues
Buck Owens: Heartaches By The Number
Merle Haggard: I Threw Away The Rose
Buck Owens: I Don’t Believe I’ll Fall In Love Today
Country Music Hall of Fame: Pioneers of the Bakersfield Sound (2002) excerpt
Merle Haggard & Bonnie Owens: Just Between The Two Of Us
Buck Owens: Foolin’ Around
Ferlin Husky & Jean Shepard: A Dear John Letter
Merle Haggard: Silver Wings
Joe Ely: White Line Fever
Dwight Yoakam & Buck Owens: Streets Of Bakersfield


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