Know Your Democrat Meme: Joseph and Mary as Illegal Aliens

The President opined thusly:

Determined to use the Christmas story and a “good book” reference to sell his executive action on immigration, President Obama managed to skew one and screw up the other during a town hall speech in in Nashville Tuesday….

At one point, Obama tried to use the story of Mary and Joseph finding “no room at the inn” as an analogy for illegal immigrants, according to Breitbart….

Actually, they were the very opposite of illegal aliens. According to the story in Luke, they were traveling to Bethlehem, in their native land, because of a law, not in spite of one. The president also seems to think the old adage about “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” comes from the Bible too.

I’m thinking of starting a line of illegal alien Christmas figurines. Something like this:



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