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Cellphone Video Captures Aftermath Of Deadly Police Shooting At Hollywood And Highland (emphasis added):

HOLLYWOOD ( — Although identified, authorities have not released the name of a man who was shot and killed by police Friday evening at one of Hollywood busiest intersections.

Cellphone video captured the aftermath following the deadly shooting at the heavily traveled intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue about 7 p.m.

The Los Angeles Police Department says officers responded to an “assault with a deadly weapon in progress” radio call.

No indication is given by the writer as to what transpired–beyond the fact that they were responding to a radio call–regarding the assault(s) that precipitated the radio call. Why no details?

When officers arrived, police said they saw the suspect with a weapon, at which point, officers opened fire. A source with the LAPD told CBS2 the suspect was armed with a knife.

That’s interesting, that the cops showed up, saw he had a weapon, and promptly shot him. That’s the implication of the first sentence in the preceding paragraph, right?

Oh wait, other stuff happened, too:

According to witness accounts, the suspect was told by officers to get down and comply.

So they didn’t just show up, spot a weapon, and unload on him after all? Then the first highlighted sentence (they rolled up, saw a weapon, started shooting) was a load of bullshit, right?

“When they told him to get down and comply, he did not at all,” Bruce Cherry, a witness, said.

I see. So they rolled up, saw he had a weapon, repeatedly told him to get down and comply, and he refused.

But wait, there’s more!

Cherry said the suspect initially had his hands outside of his pockets.

“When they ran up on him, he went inside of his pockets and stuck both of his hands inside of his pockets and then that’s when they pulled out on him,” Cherry said. “That’s when the shots rang out.”

So he was just standing there, minding his own business, with his hands in his pocket? No threatening movements, no move toward the officers? That’s kind of the implication there, isn’t it?

Fascinating, particularly since reported as follows:

The shooting happened after LAPD officers were called to the area around 6:45 p.m., responding to a report that someone had been stabbed.

“The officers arrived in the area of Hollywood and Highland when they observed a man in the intersection. The male was armed with a knife. When he saw the officers, he approached them, and an officer-involved shooting occurred,” said LAPD Det. Meghan Aguilar.

Back to

The suspect was transported to the hospital, where he died.

No officers were hurt.

What about the original victim(s) assaulted, which precipitated all this? Bueller?

The Coroner’s office told CBS2 Saturday the suspect was identified; however, his name has not been released. Officials also said the suspect’s body remains at the hospital.

Again, how about the original victim(s)?

My favorite part of the story, from New York Daily News:

A witness said another man ran into a nearby McDonalds screaming that police shot his friend. The man explained the suspect sometimes “liked to wave a knife to scare tourists,” the witness told NBC.

Oh snap. It’s getting so a guy can’t wave around a knife on a crowded street and terrorize passersby nowadays without getting hassled by The Man.


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