#PivotToHillary Accelerates

Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton increasingly walking away from Obama

Nowhere was Mr. Obama’s baggage spelled out so vividly as in a postelection survey by Democracy Corps, the Democratic polling firm run by Stan Greenberg and James Carville, former advisers to President Clinton.

Their Nov. 14 report said a majority of the public is dissatisfied with the economy and 47 percent of those surveyed don’t believe it is improving.

“The lack of progress on everyday economic experience leads many to question whether an economic recovery is actually even occurring,” their memo said. “With the public aggrieved about the new economy and demanding big changes in direction, Democrats and progressives will only get heard when they join the economic debate with a very different voice.”

In another report this month, Democracy Corps said Mr. Obama’s campaign message on the economy was too timid.

“The voters want to vote for change, and this poll shows that the Democrats and their supportive coalition would rally to a message that understands people are struggling with the new economy; but that was not president’s economic narrative for this election and it showed,” the pollsters said.

I just didn’t expect it to be this pronounced, this early.


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