Michael Eric Dyson jumps the beluga

Now comes this gem from Meet the Press:

“Black people who kill black people go to jail. White people who are policemen who kill black people do not go to jail.”

Whoa. That’s breathtakingly stupid, even for Michael Eric Dyson.

For instance:

More than one-third of America’s killers are getting away with murder. But the odds of avoiding justice are much greater if the victim is a young black man.

The deliberate killings of men, members of racial and ethnic minorities and young adults are much less likely to be solved than other kinds of homicides, according to a Scripps Howard News Service analysis of detailed FBI computer files of more than half a million homicides committed from 1980 to 2008.

But these trends are also related to the reasons for killing. Homicides involving drugs and gangs are much less likely to be solved than almost any other kind of killing. Most homicide victims — like their assailants — were young, racial- or ethnic-minority males.

So much for the claim that “black people who kill black people go to jail.”

As for the second idiotic sentence in Mr. Dyson’s comments, it misses a few salient details in its quest for a neat little rhetorical talking point.

First of all, it equates officer-involved shootings with deliberate criminal homicide. Perhaps Mr. Dyson should have been called out on the slanderous inference inherent in his claim. It is a lie.

Second, the idea that, if a police officer was proven to have deliberately murdered a black person, he would not go to jail, does not even deserve a response.

Michael Eric Dyson is an educated fool.



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