‘White House calls on men to fight campus sexual assault’

Via Hot Air, a BuzzFeed piece, “White House calls on men to fight campus sexual assault,” contains this astounding quote:

im_shocked“Bystander involvement can be very important, and oftentimes men underestimate other men’s attitudes toward violence. They don’t understand that other men are opposed to violence, too,” Jarrett said. “So if they get the sense that it’s OK [to intervene] because everyone else around the room feels the same way you do, so the first person who gets up will inspire the next person to get up, and the next person and a next person. Because everyone is uncomfortable with it, but as a general rule men don’t know that.”

We don’t know that, “as a general rule,” most men are opposed to violence against women???

Were these purportedly morally-retarded boy-men raised by wolves?

Oh, wait–they were educated in public schools that long ago abandoned any semblance of moral education as part of their curriculum.

What an unintentionally damning indictment of Left-dominated public education! Wow!


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