What I Think of the Midterms

A dear friend asked me what I thought of the midterms. Well ima tell you:

We did well.  Picked up 9 seats or so (depends if you count the Louisiana runoff in December as a done deal, which I do) in the Senate and have a 4 seat majority.  Harry Reid is a lame duck Majority Leader–THAT is the true joy in all this.  President Obama is going to do what he does without fear of impeachment, because it would be political suicide for Republicans to contemplate it–and would likely lead to a reprise of the riots of the late 60s, IMO.  Also, he doesn’t give a crap about how what he does affects his party, and would just as soon kick Hillary off a short pier as smile at her.  Now is when it gets really dangerous, before the new session of Congress is sworn in.  Cornered Leftists are dangerous.  I don’t mean like OMG RUN FOR THE HILLS dangerous, just watch your back and wear a metaphorical Kevlar vest if you’re a Republican dangerous.  And of course, the Republicans will immediately set about pissing off the base, who will then light their hair on fire.  Also, Obama’s Executive Orders will basically grand amnesty to illegals, and we will cluck and preen and clutch our pearls and not do s***.  And did I mention the healthcare insurance rate hikes that insurers were supposedly told to hold until after the midterms?  They’re coming, also.  Probably late on a Friday, when all bad news gets dumped.  And the beat goes on.


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