Charlie Rangel: The Racebaiter’s Racebaiter

RangelSwampThingByMobopolisAt a rally for Andrew Cuomo, Harlem’s favorite demagogue, Charlie Rangel, opined as follows:

Audio here, derived from this larger YouTube video.

Also, here’s a quick audio mash-up of Patsy Cline and Charlie Rangel.

Here’s the transcript (or as close as I could get it, anyway, with mangled syntax intact):

There are some mean people in Washington, D.C. that would attempt to destroy every victory that we’ve ever had. And New York City and New York state is a national population, and we’re led by Governor Cuomo. It is going to be a message that we send–not that he won, but by how much he’s won.

We’ve expanding the black workers in Washington and going all over the South, helping some Democrats that need more help than I can explain to you–but we have to win. And we want to be able to send a national message with Andrew Cuomo.

And the thing is, everything we believe in–everything we believe in, they hate. They don’t disagree, they hate. They think that if you didn’t come from Europe thirty years ago, we shouldn’t have immigration. Some of them believe that slavery isn’t over, and that they won the Civil War. They refuse to help to have a wage where people can live a decent life; to build our infrastructure; to build up our schools; to make certain you have research and development. And when they start hurting their own on health care, you know they’re sick.

And so what we have to do is say to elect a voice that–I wish we had more religious leaders out there–everything we are doing is God’s work. Education, health care, affordable housing, stopping discrimination, stop abuse of women and gays, have equality for people in this great nation.

And New York State is the Empire State. And we’re going to set an example with Governor Cuomo and our Lieutenant Governor so that we are going to be so proud, not just we just won–winning is good, I know–but winning big, and sending a national message is what [unintelligible] is all about.

So we join at the hips, let’s have a great rally, not only for Cuomo and the ticket, but for all America that can’t vote. How ’bout it?



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