Obama’s Serial Breaches Of Protocol

I’m not overly concerned about President Obama’s halfhearted “Semper Latte” salute for a number of reasons–partly because we have more pressing concerns to deal with, but mostly because President Obama obviously can’t be bothered to concern himself with niceties like protocol, or showing respect for the Office that he occupies, let alone demonstrating respect for the Armed Forces he leads as Commander in Chief.

Obama breaches Marine umbrella protocol

Constant use of troops as photo op backdrops.

Idiotic gifts, more than once.

Sends back Churchill bust.

Constantly fucks with Netanyahu.

Bows or half-bows…
…to Mexican President Filipe Calderon.
…to Japanese robot.
…to Saudi King Abdullah.
…to Queen Elizabeth.
…to Japanese Emperor Akihito
…to Nancy Pelosi.
…to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio.
…to Chris Christie.
…to diorama in Mumbai.
…to random Japanese couple at Great Buddha statue in Japan.
…to Chinese President Hu Jintao.
…to Raul Castro.

On and on and on.

So why act surprised?


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