FAIR and the Eugenicists?

Well, this is interesting. While looking for something unrelated, this headline jumped out at me:

“Immigration reform: Why Laura Ingraham has done a disservice to conservatives and our nation.”

Far more interesting than the article itself, however, was a link therein: “Hijacking Immigration?” by Mario H. Lopez in The Human Life Review, 2012.

As a former member of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), I was surprised to see connections made between the neo-Malthusian eugenics crowd and FAIR. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised. (I’ve only scanned the piece so far, and will go back and read it after I post this.)

In 2013, NRO said:

Over time, the Human Life Review, a quarterly journal dedicated to the defense of human life, has had several important articles tracing the history of eugenics in America, and its insidious connection to abortion and population control; we have also devoted many pages to the fizzling of Paul Ehrlich’s “Population Bomb.” Thus, although immigration policy is not a subject in our purview, Mario H. Lopez’s article, “Hijacking Immigration,” which asserts that there are disturbing connections between the population-control movement — including abortion and euthanasia advocates — and anti-immigration organizations is appropriate for our pages and our readers.

And a bit more background, from Wikipedia:

The Human Life Review is a quarterly journal published by the Human Life Foundation since 1975. It is devoted to explorations of life issues, primarily abortion, as well as neonaticide, medical genetics, prenatal testing, human cloning, fetal tissue experimentation, euthanasia and assisted suicide, and also publishes articles dealing with more general questions of family and society. It was founded by James Patrick McFadden, formerly associate publisher of National Review, who had also founded the Human Life Foundation, and is now edited by his daughter, Maria McFadden. It was launched from the offices of National Review, with the support of William F. Buckley.

Writers whose work has been featured in The Human Life Review include Nat Hentoff, Hadley Arkes, William McGurn, Thomas Sowell, Wesley Smith, David Quinn, Kathryn Jean Lopez and President Ronald Reagan.

Note that Maria McFadden is the author of the NRO piece quoted above.

Here are some brief excerpts from the much longer Human Life Review piece:

With some notable exceptions, FAIR’s board of directors, national advisory board, and staff include many population-control, pro-abortion, and forced-sterilization advocates. Their statements and membership in other pro-abortion population-control groups reveal their true ideological allegiances.

FAIR’s website openly touts environmentalist and population-control rhetoric….

That extreme population-control rhetoric is unsurprising, because FAIR’s executive director is population-control advocate Dan Stein. He routinely appears on radio and television shows arguing that immigration should be stopped because it increases the total population of the United States. Stein described China’s one-child policy as an “international family planning program.” He is married to Sharon McCloe Stein, the former executive director of Negative Population Growth (NPG)….

Planned Parenthood has many representatives on both FAIR’s main board and advisory board.

Perhaps I should have been paying closer attention to FAIR’s worldview. As it was, I was focused on immigration policy, rather than the underlying ideology that was presumably driving it.


Update: After having read the Human Life Review article, all I can say is…wow. Read it.


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