Why the Left Attacks Religious Faith, and Why Non-Believers Should Care

The always-formidable Kurt Schlichter has a great piece over at Townhall, “Liberals Hate Religion Because Government Is Their God.”

(I have a semantic quibble with calling Leftists, liberals, but that’s a topic for another day.)

Regarding an explicitly anti-religious statement made by Voxsplainer Matt Yglesias (“I take an old-school Jacobin-style line that religion should be stamped out”), Kurt offers this money quote (emphasis added):

What Matt reveals is the not-so-hidden desire of the left to wipe out every competing power center in society, and religion is a competing power center. He, and his goosestepping brethren, hate the idea that people might hold and act upon beliefs other than those he and his pals cooked up at some D.C. cocktail party or in some faculty lounge at the local university’s Oppression Studies Department. This is why they must break religion to their will. Some, like the alleged Presbyterians who recently divested in Israel, are only too eager to obey by choosing leftism over God’s chosen people.

Competing power centers, indeed.

The two major power centers that serve as obstacles to the Leftist goal of the all-encompassing state are the family, and religious faith; both must either be co-opted, or destroyed, in order to bring about the perfect egalitarian world that the Left imagines. The Communist Manifesto provides the most stark admission of that desire, but the impulse to at least co-opt, if not destroy the family and religious faith is a thread that runs through the overwhelming majority of Leftist thought.

(I should note that I am an atheist, albeit one with an abundant respect for the Judeo-Christian tradition.)

One of the recurring (and to me, extremely frustrating) themes that pops up on the Right is the assertion that President Obama is a secret Muslim or somesuch. (The fact that he invariably defers to Islamism has far more to do with political ends, than with any affinity for, let alone surreptitious practice of, Islam.) Given that Barack Obama is a hard-Leftist–arguably a neo-Marxist–and always has been, the assertion of religiosity beyond anything pro forma on the President’s part strikes me as absurd. As Kurt’s piece indicates in its title, there is only one God for the Left: the State.

Why should non-believers care what becomes of religion? Because the Leftist worship of the State is a substitute religion–but in its most pronounced form, not a religion that non-believers will have the same luxury to reject that they now enjoy vis. Christianity, et al.

Of course, Leftist atheists have no problem with State-worship as a substitute religion–they just don’t recognize it for what is.

And so, “freedom from religion,” when it manifests itself as an impulse to do away with (or even merely weaken) religious faith, simply increases the likelihood of the coming to power of the most suffocating religion of all: Leftism.

And, as history has shown again and again, when the Left achieves their ultimate goal, you will be made to care.


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