Cantor v. Brat


Click on graphic above for better view.

Obviously this analysis ignores other primary candidates and only looks at Brat/Cantor.  I did it quickly, so hopefully the formulas are all correct.

The top three counties account for 71.18% of the combined Congressional district vote count for Brat/Cantor.

Those three counties gave a nearly 15.75% advantage to Brat.

Those three counties gave a mere 69 more votes to Brat than his total net advantage for all counties.

Those three counties netted just over +4 (percentage points), Romney over Obama, in 2012.

So the three counties that tweezed out a +4 Romney ended up being net -15.75 Cantor? But there was no Operation Chaos? Maybe in Hanover–maybe, since Obama lost by a landslide. But take a look at Henrico and tell me again there was no crossover voting.



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