Tribble Hijinks

As HHRS Tribbles may know, Hugh has had a bit of fun with my three-first-names name, and turned it into a running joke (derivative of C.J. Box) about me being a serial killer.

Building on that theme, my good friend Sean O’Grady wrote this email to Hugh (emphasis added):

Dear Mr Hewlitt,

That was a fine talk you had with Mr Freebus today. I like a lot of his ideas, but I wonder if you could ask him something for me. If they are looking for solid, conservative people to modulate the debates, could you ask them if they would consider Mr Michael Peter Tracy to be one of them? He is about as solid a conservative as we could find-I think it came from reading all your books while he was in prison. And he is classically trained at the Patterson School of Broadcasting where he had a special emphasis on mashups-and goodness knows, the Republican primaries are always mashups. Plus he is very photogenic and has a mellow, calming way about him-he is truly TSRTG, unless he giggles. Then, all bets are off.

Your friend, Sean O’Grady

I responded:

RN was a particular inspiration, sir.

And responded:

And, of course, this one:


And responded again:

This one is undergoing final proofs as we speak:


And finally:

And a little bit of audio attached to tie it all together.



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