California Gets Curiouser and Curiouser

A link a friend sent me re the Cali governor’s race had me wandering around, info-grazing on the topic.

Apparently one of the the big beefs against Donnelly is that he nods approvingly in the direction of Frank Gaffney (egads! let us now rend our garments!)–who, as several articles helpfully pointed out, is on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s shit list. Well, actually, if you’re not being characterized by the SPLC as a paranoid whacko, you’re probably a liberal Democrat at the very least.

But I digress. The reason for this post was the following astounding quote from “State GOP Vice Chairwoman Harmeet Dhillon” (emphasis added):

“I would advise any male candidate who feels like expounding on how the female reproductive system works, or a candidate who wants to talk about Sharia Law but is neither Muslim not a recognized expert on Islam, to follow the advice of Smokey the Bear and stop, drop and roll, before they go up in flames and take other candidates who don’t share these views, with them on the pyre.”

Run that by me again?

Is Ms. Dhillon saying that unless a candidate is a Muslim and/or a “recognized expert on Islam,” said candidate should remain silent on the topic of Sharia law?

Sorry, but that’s not going to fly, sweetheart.

What Ms. Dhillon meant to say was, unless a candidate is ready to utter the usual bland platitudes about Islam, and only bland platitudes, one should STFU.

Of course there was nuance to be had there–a legitimate argument about not shooting ourselves in the foot. But, alas, Ms. Dhillon went beyond the pale in the opposite direction, and hence…


…shot herself in the foot.

Another example of why California politics are so damn awesome.


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