‘Liberal’ Totalitarians

Twitchy.com frequently highlights examples of the Leftist (which some of us still refer to as ‘Liberal’ for some odd reason) totalitarian mindset.

For example, a “community manager” at a game development company made these two comments on Twitter:

Here’s an unpopular opinion: Donald Sterling has the right as an American to be an old bigot in the security of his own home. He’s a victim.

When you were raised in an era where segregation was perceived as “right”, that will stick with some people. Doesn’t make him a monster.

I suspect that the reaction of most rational people would be to either agree or disagree with those comments, in whole or in part, and move on.

Ah, but that’s not the way the Left rolls, and rationality is not exactly rampant lately; nor does the free flow of ideas lately seem quite the core value one might associate with “liberalism” worth the name.

He was fired.

Of course his former employer was well within its legal rights to terminate his employment.

But this story is but one example of the tendency of the Left to punish speech with which it disagrees, to promote intolerance in the name of tolerance, and to deny a voice to those with whom the Left disagrees.

Meanwhile, at Rutgers:

Following sit-ins and other protests by Rutgers students and faculty who demanded “No honors for war criminals,” former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced she will not speak at the university’s commencement ceremony.

As Guy P. Benson notes:

Close-minded jackals are on a winning streak. They are working tirelessly to make America a dumber, more intolerant place.





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