Leland Yee, Democrat

LELAND YEE P.O. Box 22607 info@lelandyee.com
Democratic San Francisco, CA 94122 itsyourcalifornia.org

There are states passing laws today to make it harder to vote. California was once a place like that. But Californians moved our state from a place of exclusion to one of inclusion. I wrote the law that gave 911,145 more Californians access to our democracy by registering to vote online. It’s your California. Itsyourcalifornia.org is our movement to register a million more Californians. The itsyourcalifornia.org app turns your smartphone into a voter registration site to empower your friends, classmates, and families. You can download the app by visiting itsyourcalifornia.org. By taking personal responsibility and doing our part, we are making California a better place. When Sarah Palin was paid to speak at California State University, I uncovered where the money came from and authored a law to stop government agencies from hiding how they spend your tax dollars. It’s your California. I fought to end tuition discrimination against immigrant college students so these DREAMers can pursue the American Dream. It’s your California. Together we won the struggle for marriage equality. It’s your California. I’m proud of my 100% Planned Parenthood record; my pro-environment record; and my common sense law enforcement record. And we succeeded in finally raising the disgracefully low minimum wage. We have much more to do. Under the Constitution, the Secretary of State’s job is to empower Californians to govern California, to guarantee fair elections, expose special interests, and prevent corruption. I am the Democrat who will represent everyone. I hope to be your Secretary of State.


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