EXCLUSIVE: Hugh Hewitt Libels Loyal Tribble

HughHewittFirstDayAtRussiaTodayLOS ANGELES (AP) — Radio shock jock and Russia Today anchor Hugh Hewlitt has been accused of libeling a loyal listener, repeatedly asserting on-air that the listener is a fan of show tunes.

“I was shocked,” said the listener, who goes by the Twitter handle @ConservativeLA, but whom Mr. Hewlitt repeatedly referred to as Michael Patrick Tracy John Wayne Gacy Dahmer during the Friday broadcast of his cleverly titled, “Hugh Hewlitt Show.”

“As a Tribble (Mr. Hewlitt’s derogatory name for fans of his show), I’ve become accustomed to the abuse that Mr. Hewlitt regularly dishes out,” said the listener. “It is well known throughout the industry that Mr. Hewlitt has become embittered as the result of being a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan, and quite frequently that understandable frustration spills over into abusive treatment of those around him.”

The listener went on to say that serial killer inferences were within bounds, but that repeated accusations of being a fan of show tunes were over the line.

Listen to Hugh Hewlitt abuse a loyal listener here.


“I’ve contacted my attorneys to see what legal recourse might be available,” he said. “I’m also looking at possible legal action against Mr. Hewlitt’s employer Russia Today, the Patterson School of Broadcasting (an affiliate of Mr. Hewlitt’s sprawling business empire), Carl the Steelers Fan (a fellow ‘Tribble’)–and shock jock Larry O’Connor, on general principles.”

“Also, he could have at least mentioned that I have a show Friday nights on Duane FM in the Hughniverse,” he added, shaking his head, referring to a subscription site maintained by the Patterson School of Broadcasting.

Mr. Hewlitt has declined to comment on this story, except to say “This is our year!”–an apparent reference to the Cleveland Browns.


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