I’ll take Reichstag Fire for $100, Alex.

The Easter truce in Ukraine was violated, purportedly by Ukrainian ultra-nationalists, Breitbart reports, quoting The Kyiv Post (bracketed comments were added by me):

CarveyChurchLadyA correspondent for Rossiya 24, a [Russian] state-run news station, said four cars drove up to the checkpoint and opened fire at the pro-Russian militiamen guarding it, killing three of them and seriously injuring another. Two “attackers,” shot by the pro-Russian group, were also killed, the correspondent said….

In a video report, Life News [“a news and gossip site known to have Kremlin ties”] showed what it said was the body of one man killed during the shootout next to weapons, ammunition and gear left behind by Right Sector [a Ukrainian ultra-nationalist umbrella group] members at the scene. It also showed crisp U.S. $100 bills, uncreased printed satellite images of Slovyansk from Google Maps and a business card of Right Sector leader and presidential candidate Dmitro Yarosh that it said had been left by the “attackers.”

Not surprisingly, there’s just a bit of skepticism afoot concerning the very convenient Russian “proof” that Ukranian nationalists were behind the attack. And not just skepticism, but mockery, according to Radio Free Europe’s website:

In an interview with Ukraine’s Channel 5 television station, Right Sector spokesman Artem Skoropadskyy said the Kremlin “staged an act of provocation.” He also noted that the business cards were reportedly found in “completely burned-out vehicles,” a claim he said was “completely absurd.”

Whatever the case, an Internet meme was quickly born, with mocking images of Yarosh’s black-and red business card bearing his name, phone number, and e-mail address being tied to many of the world’s biggest mysteries.

The article includes this excellent example:

Illustration above by @zhgun.


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