Michael Kinsley Finds A Ginormous Acorn

Michael Kinsley describes a Republican proposal to place limits on spending by media outlets:

H.R. 2532, the so-called “Freedom From the Press Act”…would place strict limits on how much a corporation or individual could spend putting out a newspaper or any other medium in which political opinions are expressed. “For too long,” said a news release issued with the text of the bill, “wealthy media companies have been able to dominate the political debate, drowning the voices of ordinary citizens who may not agree with these companies’ elitist views on subjects such as campaign contributions by wealthy corporations…Media corporations dominate the political debate, not just because of money but because they control the established channels of communication. This bill will be one step toward a level playing field.”

But hold on! Before you conclude that Republicans have completely lost what is left of their minds; apparently Kinsley wrote the piece a few days late for April Fools’ Day:

There is, in fact, no such bill as the Freedom From the Press Act, limiting anyone’s right to publish a newspaper or broadcast a talk show. But if there were, is it possible that the media might find this bill just a tad unconstitutional?

Just a teeny-tiny bit. A mere scosche. A micron.

Read the rest here.

And props to Tim Groseclose for bringing this to our attention.


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