Twitter Hijinks Re ‘Schizophrenia’

First there was this general comment:

In response to which a Twitter friend referenced this:

The GOP’s Working Mom Schizophrenia

Republicans are slamming Wendy Davis for abandoning her kids to go to law school, even as they praise Cathy McMorris Rodgers for being a working mom in Congress.

The Republican Party has mom schizophrenia. It seems that some members and supporters of the GOP can’t seem to make up their minds about whether being an ambitious, successful working woman with children in politics is something to be vilified or lionized. That’s going to be a problem in a few months when the 2014 mid-term elections roll around. It’s no secret that the Republicans know they have a woman problem. They announced it themselves with the creation of a program to “train” their members on how to engage—and not to engage—with women. Yet, they are quite content to do some serious mom trashing when it suits them.

And so on.

I couldn’t care less about refuting the piece. It’s the usual SSDD tripe that we’ve come to expect from the Left. Davis was rightly taken to task (even by her estimation, but in different words) for playing fast and loose with her bio. Aside from the tu quoque logical fallacy, it’s a pedestrian piece notable only for its remarkable resemblance to every other whining Leftist piece on the topic.

No, dear reader, I took umbrage with her at best inappropriate use of the word, “schizophrenic.”.

Hijinks ensued:

And a bit of subtexting:

The author responded:

Back to me:

Her rejoinder:

Wow, this is Algonquin Roundtable stuff here, people!

Ouch. I bet she had a snappy rejoinder to that one, eh?

And that concludes another installment of That’s All You Got?


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