Random Thoughts (Apologies To Thomas Sowell)

An assemblage of recent tweets:

BREAKING: Rich and famous young people whose frontal lobes have not yet fully developed have poor impulse control and get into trouble.

Leftism makes people stupid and dangerous.

Roe v. Wade is (loosely) based on science that predates the Compact Disc by about a decade.

Wendy Davis is a piss-poor role model.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the passing parade of SQUIRREL.

If President Obama had a son, he’d use the same recreational drugs as Justin Bieber.

When comparing William Barber II and Tim Scott, it’s easy to spot the dummy–and it sure as hell isn’t Tim Scott.

Several billion dollars in sanctions relief to Iran plus several billion dollars in cuts to US career military equals UpsideDown Land.

Yes, it’s demeaning to hold women accountable for their actions and misstatements. You sexist assholes.

Comparing opposition to the redefinition of marriage to Jim Crow grossly trivializes the latter.

Probably the best headline in a long time: “U.S. Eases Sanctions Despite Iranian Vow to Destroy Israel.”

Not only did the GOP forget who brought them to the dance, now they’re pissing on our shoes.

Never forget Marcuse’s telling formulation: “Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left.”

Bipartisan: What Leftists suddenly become when they are harmed by tactics that do not phase them when aimed solely at conservatives.

So many imaginary sons. Must make his daughters feel special.

Household income has a similar logical flaw to U-3: The former ignores changing household sizes; the latter ignores those who stop looking.

We all get that Federal spending is out of control. But career military personnel should be at back of the line for cuts, not the front.

Conservative Free To Choose: Milton Friedman. Leftist Free To Choose: Partial-Birth Abortion.

An all-volunteer army isn’t cheap. Perhaps disinterested folks’ attention would be focused by the possibility of a draft.

Perhaps if President Obama’s imaginary son played football, he’d stay out of the sort of trouble his other imaginary son got into.

Dennis Rodman has a substance abuse problem? Who knew?

Skip Jackson is history. If you’re a Democrat now, you’re hobnobbing with Maoists. Sucks for you.

Salon is trolling as “journalism.” I’ll let others provide them with traffic. I’m not playing.

Congressmen not on board to reinstate COLA cuts deserve an office full of military wives to explain their betrayal to.



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