Mr. Hewlitt Notices My Show…

HH-BriefsIHaveWorn-thumbnail…last night, which was pretty cool, since it’s been on Duane FM in the Hughniverse (the subscription site of the Hugh Hewitt radio show) for nearly two years.

And yes, at some point Mr. Hewlitt decided that, since I have three first names, he would saddle me with a mildly humorous serial killer schtick–I guess I can blame C.J. Box for that, or maybe it was Generalissimo’s idea. But I depress, as Sean O’Grady would say.

Anyway, this was fun:

Audio of first shout-out and my Christie/Obama mashup (which Hugh had nothing to do with, but you probably figured that out).

Audio of second shout-out and ConservativeLA Radio show promo.

Addendum: Pardon my manners, I forgot to give credit to Pete G. for the basic idea of comparing Obama’s “apologies” to Christie’s. And a grand idea it was!


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