What About Karl?

WhatAboutKarl2Tony Lee at Breitbart writes (emphasis added):

Karl Rove’s American Crossroads…will reportedly try to influence the 2014 midterm elections by bullying campaigns and creating groups that, on the surface, do not seem to be affiliated with them….

The Conservative Victory Project, the [Crossroads] group formed to take on conservative candidates, has stayed out of Kentucky’s Senate primary…Instead, a group called “Kentuckians for Strong Leadership” is curiously backing McConnell while getting most of its cash from Crossroads donors. It is “legally separate from Crossroads;” but Stephen Law, the president of Crossroads, sits on its board, and the two groups share a treasurer.

Crossroads may set up “similar groups in races in which its brand may be less appealing to voters or donors.” The Times notes that this is an approach Crossroads may have to take because Rove’s organization has been so tarnished among the conservative base that candidates fear donors will not contribute to any group associated with him.

In other races, Crossroads has been threatening Senate candidates, saying the group and its affiliates will not support them if they accept support from other super PACs….

Crossroads and its affiliated groups spent nearly $450 million during the 2012 election cycle with no wins to show for it.

If Karl Rove is “The Architect,” what exactly is he building? A mausoleum for any hope of Republican unity in the face of the most vulnerable Democratic Party in decades?

Or perhaps a slaughterhouse would be a better metaphor:

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