Oval Office Disengagement, Then And Now

obama-pissed459It’s like déjà vu all over again!

“Early in his first term, Reagan’s White House staff had failed to wake the president to inform him that two U.S. Navy fighter planes had shot down two attacking Libyan jets. Editorials and cartoons criticizing Reagan’s disengagement followed….”

“The events surrounding the Iran arms deal reveal how disengaged Ronald Reagan is from the operation of his Government, a Chief Executive who is not only uninformed but chooses not to know….”

President Reagan…seems dangerously disengaged from the business of governing,’ a Democratic House leader said Saturday….”

[Reagan] is portrayed by Regan as so disengaged that he never once held a one-on-one meeting with his secretary of the Treasury….”

Lou Cannon’s masterful Reagan biography portrayed the man as utterly disengaged from the details of governance….”

Oh sure, I could juxtapose the obvious (and far more truly disengaged) corollaries from the current Administration, but I wouldn’t want to insult your intelligence. 😀


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