The Drum Beat For Single Payer Begins

!!!!fight_for_government_dependency_12-24-12Emerging Leftist meme: Because of the involvement of private insurance companies, Obamacare is just too darned complicated; the solution is single-payer:

Donald Berwick, Massachusetts Gubernatorial candidate:

It is time to explore seriously the possibility of a single payer system in Massachusetts. The complexity of our health care payment system adds costs, uncertainties, and hassles for everyone – patients, families, clinicians, and employers.

Bernie Sanders:

“What you’re seeing right now is the kind of compromise that was reached, kind of cobbled together, for the Affordable Care Act,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) a vocal single-payer supporter who voted for the bill in 2010 after shelving his amendment to create a single-payer plan. “What’s happening now just reinforces to me that what we need is a simple system focused on providing health care,” he said.

Ezra Klein:

Single-payer is a whole lot more popular than America’s absurd health-care system.

Robert Reich:

Had Democrats stuck to the original Democratic vision and built comprehensive health insurance on Social Security and Medicare, it would have been cheaper, simpler, and more widely accepted by the public.

Paul Whitefield, Los Angeles Times:

So let’s suck it up. Admit Obamacare is a failure. Of course it is. It’s the worst of both worlds: A Republican plan defended by Democrats.

Scrap it, and give us the single-payer system that the rest of the grown-up world already has.

Imagine, now, a much simpler system in which the government just pays your major medical expenses. In this hypothetical system you wouldn’t have to shop for insurance, nor would you have to provide lots of personal details. The government would be your insurer, and you’d be covered automatically by virtue of being an American.

PBS’s Inside Washington:

During a lengthy discussion about ObamaCare’s woes, [Mark] Shields said, “There is an answer to it. It’s a two-word answer: it’s called single-payer.”

A few minutes later, [Evan] Thomas said, “We’re going towards single-payer. It’s just a question of how we’re going to get there.”

Shields and [Gordon] Peterson both agreed saying, “Yeah.”

NPR’s Nina Totenberg seemed dubious, but when has she been right about anything?

After all, Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said in August that he felt ObamaCare was just a step towards single-payer.

Clintonista John Podesta:

Clinton confidante John Podesta came out as another critic of Obamacare just moments after President Barack Obama finished his tense press conference announcing changes to the law….

“Single payer anyone?” remarked Podesta, alluding to a major difference between Medicare and Obamacare, and one of the major policy objectives of many on the left.

San Francisco Bay Guardian:

But the convoluted Obamacare system was a foreseeable mess….

Socialized medicine — or a single-payer system, administered by either government or a private contractor, but paid for automatically through our taxes…could utilize the existing healthcare infrastructure, it would simply change how we pay for it and bring much-needed price controls and regulatory oversight.

Geraldo Rivera:

You know, it’s great that people get health care. I want everyone to have health care. I want single payer.

And so on.


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