Another Slap In The Face For Israel

Ben Shapiro:

PeaceInOurTimePresident Obama’s cowardly deal with the Iranian regime – a regime dedicated to the destruction of Israel, pursuing nuclear weapons in violation of multiple United Nations resolutions, and the persecution of Christians – marks the most ignominious moment in western foreign policy in decades….

[Obama’s] agenda is not anti-war. It is merely anti-Israel, and anti-American influence in the Middle East. Unfortunately, that position makes war a near-inevitability….

John Kerry said that opponents of the deal wanted war as a “first resort.” That was yet another Obama administration lie. Opponents of the deal recognize what Churchill did in 1938: appeasement causes war.

Benjamin Netanyahu:

This is not [an] historic agreement, it’s [an] historic mistake. Lifting the pressure, this “first step,” might be the last step.


“Throw in free oil changes and undercoating? Sure pal, why the fuck not.” — Smilin’ Khamenei’s Tehran Toyota.

Marco Rubio:

This agreement will not “freeze” Iran’s nuclear program and won’t require the regime to suspend all enrichment as required by multiple UN Security Council resolutions…By allowing the Iranian regime to retain a sizable nuclear infrastructure, this agreement makes a nuclear Iran more likely. There is now an even more urgent need for Congress to increase sanctions until Iran completely abandons its enrichment and reprocessing capabilities.

Eric Cantor:

The U.S. should not weaken existing United Nations Security Council demands that Iran fully suspend its nuclear activities, including enrichment…Loosening sanctions and recognizing Iran’s enrichment program is a mistake, and will not stop Iran’s march toward nuclear capability.

Charles Krauthammer:

Don’t worry, we are assured. This is only an interim six-month agreement to “build confidence” until we reach a final one. But this makes no sense. If at this point of maximum economic pressure we can’t get Iran to accept a final deal that shuts down its nuclear program, how in God’s name do we expect to get such a deal when we have radically reduced that pressure?

A bizarre negotiating tactic. And the content of the deal is even worse. It’s a rescue package for the mullahs.

An historic Presidency has achieved an historic low in US credibility around the world–and the Chinese are certainly paying attention.

Suddenly the Left, usually so obsessed with being in the good graces of the United Nations, cheers a deal that flies in the face of UN Security Council resolutions vis. Iranian enrichment activities.

If nothing else, this whole episode should be a Scared Straight exercise for non-Marxist Democrats–particularly Jews.

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