Lying, Incompetent, Or Both?

Oh my. Look at the Dems frantically scrambling around trying to look busy in the face of one of the most remarkable political debacles in American history.

The Hill notes:

shockedVulnerable Democrats are scrambling to find ways to stand apart from the White House on ObamaCare as the rollout of the high-profile law continues to struggle — and threatens their reelections.

A number of red state Democrats in the House and Senate are rushing to embrace legislation to amend ObamaCare, seeking to improve parts of the law that have led to public outrage, and insulate themselves from attacks as they head into election year in 2014.

Sens. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), Kay Hagan (D-N.C.), Mark Begich (D-Alaska) and Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) have all supported different changes to the law in recent days….

So the latest Democrat pose is one of eye-popping surprise that the so-called Affordable Care Act resulted in millions of dropped policies.

Good luck selling that notion. You may want to consult an acting coach.

And the oddest part is that what seems so surprising to Democrats is exactly what Republicans have been warning about–for years.

Here is the question that should be asked over and over again of all Democrats: Before you decided that there were huge problems with Obamacare; back when you said it was going to be the best thing since sliced bread; were you lying, incompetent, or both?

Every criticism Republicans made of Obamacare early on has been borne out by subsequent events. Every. Single. One. And the carnage is only getting started. The Obama Administration itself estimated that somewhere around half of all employer-provided plans will eventually be dropped:

[I]n 2010, the Obama administration promulgated rules governing what plans that pre-existed Obamacare would be “grandfathered” under that statute, and allowed to continue. In the context of announcing its rules, the administration predicted that because of their restrictiveness, many millions of Americans would lose their existing insurance coverage, whether they liked it or not. Further, it has been widely reported (as by CNN, here) that Republicans tried to reverse the administration’s “grandfather” rules so that those who liked their insurance would be allowed to keep it, but Senate Democrats voted them down….

The Obama administration projected low-end, mid-range and high-end estimates for how many plans would be terminated, in total and broken down between large and smaller employers. The bottom line is that the administration expected 51% of all employer plans to be terminated as a result of Obamacare. That is the mid-range estimate; the high-end estimate was 69%. So as of 2010, the Obama administration planned that most Americans with employer-sponsored health care plans would lose them, whether they liked those plans or not.

Going forward, that very important Powerline piece quoted above needs to be waved under the noses of Democrats feigning shock at the ACA trainwreck and trying to look busy “fixing” it. Those Democrats need to then be asked: Are you lying, incompetent, or both? Did you lie when you said we could keep our insurance, and our doctors, or were you so negligent or stupid that you ignored the Obama Administration’s own estimates of the likely number of dropped policies?

What’s to fix? The whole idea was to force people out of their existing policies by treating relatively minor changes to individual policies as triggering events that prevent grandfathering. Other than giving you political cover for the midterm elections, if you’re not in favor of repeal, what plausible argument do you have for advocating delay?

But I shouldn’t promulgate false dichotomies; perhaps you are all simply incompetent liars.

Did I say “perhaps”? My bad.

Oh, and all you Republicans who play along with this game by trying to help “fix” something that is working exactly as designed? Stop. “When your enemy is digging a hole, stand back and let him dig.”


Addendum: Jim Geraghty loves the Upton bill. I hope he’s right.


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