Robert Reich Frames The Meme

Source: Michael RamirezNot that I told you so, but…oh hells yes I told you so:

Robert Reich with a preview of coming attractions:

The Democrats’ Version of Health Insurance Would Have Been Cheaper, Simpler, and More Popular… (h/t Hot Air)

So, if you were wondering why the MSM seemed to suddenly stand up on their hind legs by attacking the laughably-named Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) after behaving like compliant lap dogs for five years, the long-held Leftist dream of single-payer health care insurance (AKA socialized medicine) goes a long way toward explaining their seemingly inexplicable shift in attitude:

It’s all a build-up to single-payer.

Reich at least attempts to be subtle, eschewing socialist bumper sticker phrases like “single-payer” or “corporate greed.” But it’s all there anyway, inherent in Reich’s piece.

You have your marching orders, journOlists! Get your boots on!


Addendum: Here’s a fun link: A 2008 Obama Campaign FAQ re ACA (h/t @morgenr).


Update: Charles C.W. Cooke eviscerates Reich’s revisionism here.


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